Long Lost Family viewers in tears as youngest foundling revisits place of birth: ‘Why me’

Long Lost Family: Woman returns to where she was abandoned

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Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell returned to viewer’s screens on Monday night with a new series of ITV’s heartbreaking show Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace. During the first episode, Davina and Nicky explore the life story of Andy Sutherland and Natasha Carr, who is the show’s youngest foundling to date. For 32-year-old Natasha, when being taken back to her birthplace, she broke down in tears and left viewers emotional watching her relive her history.

Born in 1989, Natasha was left in a toilet cubicle of St Thomas’ hospital and is believed to have been found within minutes of being left by her mother.

Natasha wanted to know more about her life and decided to join a foundling group, and after four years of searching, she finally discovered some truth to her past.

At the beginning of the episode, Natasha began showing viewers the clothes she was found in, which included a shawl cardigan, leaving her to question: “Where does [the] shawl come from?”

Speaking about what she wanted to get out of the investigation into her birth, she explained: “It would be nice to know if I had family, looked like me or had some of my characteristics.

Natasha was soon taken to St Thomas’ hospital to visit the cubical she was left in and broke down in tears.

“I feel anxious, a bit nervous to see where I was left because I have never been back before, I’m sorry.

“It makes me feel like I have a layer missing. Why me? It makes me think, what did I do? What did I not do?”

Watching the scenes unfold, many viewers took to social media to share their condolences and emotions toward Natasha.

@Itskay2u1 commented: “I don’t know, this just made me want to squeeze my girls tighter although my teenager was like.”

Laverne Anderson added: “I wish I could give Natasha a hug. Her mother must have been so desperate, and it’s left such a big hole in her life. Praying for a reconciliation.”

@amandabeeswax said: “What an extraordinary story. And what a wonderful gift for both of these girls. How they keep their dignity and compassion is a real lesson in love.”

@MrMAGIC72014978 exclaimed: “crying my eyes out watching Long Lost Families Born Without A Trace.”

@stacears1 reacted: “Long Lost Family, born without a trace, always has my crying, love the happy endings at the end, we don’t realise how lucky we are sometimes, do we.”

@cryingsins praised: “Oh, Natasha! So dignified and remarkably grateful. Even at the height of emotion.” (sic)

After a long search, the team found an extraordinary discovery when someone from the UK entered their DNA test online.

Speaking to the DNA expert, Nicky found out that Natasha had a full sister, Lee-Ann, who was also a foundling.

Like Natasha, Lee-Ann was also abandoned in a hospital, St James’, 18 months before she was left by her mother.

Nicky went and met Lee-Ann to give her the news that she had a younger sister, to which he also explained she was found by an ambulance driver on the 7th Feb 1988.

When Davina revealed to Natasha that she had a full sister who shared the same circumstances, she broke down once again and exclaimed: “I just can’t wait to meet her.”

The pair decided to meet up in London, embracing one another and sharing the remarkable moment, both also exchanging their similar shawls.

Speaking about their early years and how their parents left them, Natasha admits that she has “no anger” towards them and was grateful to finally have some family.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace continues Tuesday from 9pm on ITV.

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