Lorraine pays touching tribute to ITV guest after their death

Lorraine Kelly pays tribute to late viewer Sally Nyland

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ITV’s Lorraine is no stranger to raising awareness for illnesses and health woes that may go unnoticed, including the recent ‘Check Your Poo’ campaign with the late Dame Deborah James. On Thursday, Lorraine Kelly shared with fans that viewer Sally Nyland, who took part in the show’s ‘Change and Check’ campaign for breast cancer, had sadly passed away.

The news came three years after Sally appeared on Lorraine as she joined the campaign to raise awareness.

Lorraine paid tribute to Sally as she sent condolences to her family and loved ones.

After Lorraine returned from an advert break, the ITV presenter told viewers: “Welcome back. Now, we’ve got some sad news this morning. 

“That’s viewer Sally Nyland,” Lorraine said as a clip of the ITV guest popped up on-screen.

Lorraine continued: “Sally died yesterday of advanced great cancer, she was 46. 

“Sally was, I’m sure you’ll remember, the first person to contact us when we started our ‘Change and Check’ breast cancer campaign. 

“She was on the show back in 2019 and she was passionate about everyone knowing the symptoms. 

“She thanked the campaign for giving her more time with the people she loved.”

Reaching out to Sally’s family, Lorraine added: “We’re sending all our love to her husband Steve and her sons James and Joseph. 

“Very sad news,” Lorraine went on before encouraging viewers to follow in Sally’s footsteps.

“And don’t forget you can download our ‘Change and Check’ leaflet from the website, and you’ll also find Dr Hilary’s self-check guide there too.”

Sally had appeared on Lorraine a number of times, including in 2021 when she has given a makeover by Mark Heyes.

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To mark her 20th wedding anniversary at the time, Mark gave Sally a head-to-toe makeover, complete with a new wardrobe.

“I really like it, it’s a ‘me’ dress,” Sally beamed as she spoke to Mark after the makeover.

“You suit it so well,” Mark praised before surprising Sally with a bouquet of flowers from her husband Steve.

Mark wasn’t done there with the treats for Sally either, as he told her after the makeover: “As a little treat from all of us as well…

“We’re gonna send you on an overnight stay somewhere fantastic, it’s the least you deserve,” Mark told her.

The celebrity stylist added it had been the “most wonderful morning” meeting Sally.

And Sally clearly held a spot in Lorraine’s heart too as the ITV presenter looked visibly touched by Sally’s optimism.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV. 

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