Louise Minchin red-faced after huge wardrobe blunder exposed on BBC Breakfast

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Louise Minchin and Dan Walker were back on BBC Breakfast this morning as the pair delivered the latest news headlines. However, Louise found herself confessing to a huge blunder on the show after she left the studio to interview a representative for Chester Zoo and a man named Brendan, who’s been running to help save the zoo, before rejoining her co-host in slightly different attire. 

Louise conducted the interview in Salford Quays just outside the BBC Breakfast studio while Brendan continued his fundraising efforts.

Upon returning to the studio, Dan quizzed his co-host on whether she enjoyed her trip outside. 

“Are you alright after the rhino?” Dan asked and Louise replied: “Do you know what it’s really nice to be outside.” 

“I’ve realised I haven’t managed to change my shoes yet,” she coyly remarked. 

Staring down at her shoes, Dan teased his co-host: “Ooh trainers…”

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