Love Island 2019: Lucie Donlan LOSES IT with Joe Garratt as he makes a move on Amber

Joe Garratt has made it very clear he would like to be in a romance with Lucie Donlan but the surfer is being wooed by Tommy Fury.

Sensing Lucie could be falling for the boxer, Joe began to take an interest in Amber Gill, who previously revealed she regretted not stepping forward him.

But it seems Joe’s interest in Amber will annoy Lucie and a teaser for tonight’s Love Island shows her losing it with the catering company manager.

Joe decides to make a move on Amber telling her: “You are the probably the kind of girl I would go for…”

“Really? Me and Lucie are not the same at all,” Amber replies.

Joe continues: “I feel like not only are you loyal, I feel like if we were to couple up you’d be straight talking.”

Noticing the pair flirting, Lucie approaches them and interrupts. Joe says they can chat but Amber is disappointed by how quickly he is willing to drop her for Lucie.

“Are you having me on?” Amber asks Joe.

Later, Lucie sits down with Joe to chat as Amber watches on. Lucie demands to know: “If you’re flirting with her behind my back, why can’t I talk to Tommy?

“It’s not like I’ve gone over to Tommy and been like, ‘Oh yeah I really like you.’”

As Amber watches the pair argue, Amy Hart advises her: ““Play it cool. You’ve got the power and you can let him graft for you because he needs you more than you need him, darling.”

Meanwhile, Anton Danyluk sets his sights on Anna Vakili despite her being coupled up with Sherif Lanre.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, he announces: “I’ve come up with ‘Operation Double A’, I’m going to go for Anna today.

“The boys are going to help me, the girls are going to help me so I’m feeling very, very confident.”

Sherif isn’t happy about Anton’s behaviour but it seems Anna is quite interested in Anton.

Anna tells Amber: “Sherif does not put any work in at all.”

However, Sherif turns to Yewande Biala for advice telling her: “I think I’m going to talk to Anton.

“I think it’s good that I make it clear where my head’s at and that I’d prefer not to be broken up in my couple.”

Later in the Beach Hut he promises he won’t give up on Anna: “It isn’t over between me and Anna. I do intend to carry on in

that aspect. We’re still in a coupling and I want to make that work.”

Who will Anna decide to spend more time with, Anton or Sherif?

Love Island airs weeknights on ITV2 at 9pm.

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