Love Island fans disgusted by Maura’s filthy remarks about bedding both new boys

Love Island 2019 fans were left throughly disgusted tonight when Maura made a series of filthy comments about bedding both the new boys.

After getting pied by Tommy Fury, she got the chance to stay in the villa by heading out on dates with newbies Jordan and Tom.

She started the way she meant to go on by telling Jordan about getting dumped by Tommy, declaring she needed to "get under somebody" to get over the boxer.

Her saucy comments continued on her next date with Tom, going in for the kill by asking him to share her bed that night.

Fans of the show couldn't believe it when saucy Moira joked about 'getting under' Jordan before asking Tom to share a bed with her.

The Irish stunner said: "Dp you want to share a bed with me? I'm all on my own. I need a cuddle".

She stepped it up back at the villa by making feeling for Tom totally clear.

After it was revealed Tom and Jordan would be sharing a bed, Tom joked: "No funny business" and Maura laughed back at him: "Save that for me Tom."

Viewers couldn't believe it and they flocked to Twitter to tell Maura to tone it down.

One wrote: "Well Maura couldn’t get Tommy so Tom will do! One conversation and she has asked him to share a bed with her…. she’s a major cringe."

Another added: "Maura is so f*****g sexual it’s cringe to watch."

A third wrote: "Maura needs to stop with her sexual comments… does she have no self respect I’m cringing so hard."

One more tweeted: "Maura eww desperate girl."

Later in the show, she vowed to change her ways saying: "I'm not going to talk about sex as much cos guys don't seem to like that."

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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