Love Island fans DIVIDED over Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill – as drama erupts in villa after he recouples with Joanna Chimonides

On Tuesday night, viewers saw Michael Griffiths choose to recouple with new girl Joanna Chimonides – leaving Amber Gill single.

He told show host Caroline Flack that the past few days gave him time to reflect and that he hasn't been true to himself and has bitten his tongue on a number of occasions when partnered up with Amber.

When Caroline asked Michael how he was feeling, he replied: “Different, really.”

Before explaining: “There's situations where I just thought she wasn't into me. I think it was quite apparent and, like I said, I'm staying true to myself, biting my tongue in situations I wouldn't usually bite my tongue in and overlooking things I wouldn't usually overlook."

Asked by host Caroline why she stayed loyal to Michael, Amber said: “Because I’m loyal human being, that’s the way that I am, that’s what I wanted to do… I had a sneaky feeling. It’s disappointing.”

Following Michael’s remarks, Amber also confirmed how she was feeling about the situation, saying it's "a little bit confusing because he could have said it to my face."

Direct to Amber as they spoke one-on-one, Michael said: “Everytime I say something to you, you laugh in my face which I think is really disrespectful.”

The fall-out from the dramatic recoupling has divided viewers, with many slamming Michael for his treatment of Amber, while others have called Amber “childish”.

One person wrote of Michael: “I get Michael choosing another girl if thays what he thinks is right for him. It’s the way he’s spoken about Amber and dealt with the situation that’s the problem not the fact he chose to recouple! He chose to be a d**k about it instead!” [sic]

Others said: "Michael STOP BLAMING AMBER IT IS NOT HER FAULT" and "You can see Michael has a real vicious streak in him and it’s all coming out now. Amber can do so much better! #LoveIsland". [sic]

A fourth wrote: "Michael really seems like he’s trying to get a rise outta amber and that’s frustrating him because she’s dealing with this in the best way anyone acc could and not giving a reaction lol #loveisland #respect." [sic]

Of Amber, one fan wrote: "Probably an unpopular opinion but Amber was horrible to Micheal on so many occasions, he doesn’t deserve the rubbish that Anna is giving him. Anna is so patronising #LoveIsland."

"I don’t like to see anyone unhappy but Michael is so much better off without Amber. She is very immature He made the right choice, fact! #LoveIsland."

"Amber saying she's physically better than joanna made me feel so awkward, she's not a very nice person and Michael is better off without her #LoveIsland."

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