Love Island fans in hysterics as Mike prowls on the bed in the hideaway – The Sun

LOVE Island fans were in hysterics as Mike prowled on the bed in the hideaway.

The policeman sent viewers into a frenzy with his sexy antics.

Love Island viewers got more than they bargained for when Mike humped the bed during a sexy dance routine for Priscilla.

The Islanders were asked to choose the next couple to send to the hideaway for a romantic night together, and they unanimously chose Mike and Priscilla to spend some time together.

Some fans were in hysterics with his humping technique as he wooed Priscilla.

One wrote: "I literally just spent 10mins crying of laughter my eyes sting."

Another wrote on said: "This guy loves humping lmao. My God."

A third chimed in: "I can’t cope 😂."

A fourth wrote: "Hahahahaha don’t do this to me."

Another wrote: "Calm down love."

Meanwhile fans were in shock as Mike admitted to doing "hand stuff" with Priscilla after he licked whipped cream from her leg and humped the bed in the Hideaway.

The following day he was quizzed by Luke M, Finn and Luke T to find out what happened.

They came up with code language for their bedroom antics, where toast means sex, avocado/avocada means oral, and tomato/tomata is "hand stuff".

Getting stuck in, Mike revealed he enjoyed some tomato AND tomata while in the Hideaway.

Fans were shocked about the interaction, with one person saying: "I changed the channel when Mike’s hideaway scene started just because my mum was in the room, not taking any chances thank you very much."

Another added: "Priscilla must like Mike because I wouldn’t let him lick cream off my thigh and twerk on me for 50k he’s too cringe man #loveisland"

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