Love Island secret room’s exposed from fake kitchen to sex toy draw

Over the years many Love Island stars have spilled that there are in fact hidden rooms within the villa.

This was proved to be true on Sunday nights episode when Jake Cornish stormed off and ventured into an unknown location after other contestants shot down his declaration of love for Liberty Poole.

Faye Winter and Chloe Burrows led the troops with their opinions, explaining that they were uncertain if his words were "genuine".

Jake's best mate in the house Toby Aranonalan, decided to pull him for a private chat to inform him about the perception among islanders.

Now angry, Jake fled the scene to cool down and entered a secret room that viewers at home were unaware of.

Here, Daily Star reveals all villa hidden secrets.

Hideaway sex toy draw

More recently, fans of the ITV programme were intrigued to learn that the Hideaway had a secret draw.

The hot pink room is designed especially for couples who are selected by other islanders to have a private evening.

Within the room, there is a small veranda which contains a steamy hot tub – think Molly Mae Hague meeting Tommy Fury for the first time in 2019.

However this year, a hidden sex toy draw was discovered as Millie Court and Liam Reardon took to the bedroom for some alone time.

The pair pushed a subtle button which saw the secret goods exposed from the bottom of the bed.

Millie helped herself to a sexy nurses outfit while Liam grabbed hold of the massage oil.

Hidden passageway

There has been much speculation about a secret hidden cupboard which is located in the kitchen of the Spanish villa.

Earlier on in the series, Chloe Burrow's was thought to be hiding in the cupboard awaiting to speak with Toby Aromolaran.

However, eagle-eyed viewers noted down comments from previous years and called out the secret passage way on Twitter.

It was 2016 Oliver Buckland first let slip that there had been a secret closet for the stars of the show to obtain any goods that they had requested.

Speaking to Heat magazine, she said: "We had a secret little closet-wardrobe door thing and if we requested alcohol or cigarettes they turned up in the magic cupboard.

"It used to unlock and we used to wait to hear it unlock and run towards it and any cigarettes, alcohol or like moisturiser we requested would just immediately turn up in there."

Fake kitchen

Online users called for answers when it came to reality stars eating lunch and dinner.

It is believed producers of the show had decided not to televise stars eating as it wouldn't make good TV.

Instead, it is understood that all meals are prepared off of camera and in a hidden kitchen which is said to be behind the back wall of the bedroom.

It is thought that Islander's can make themselves breakfast and coffee using the outdoor space but meat and fish salad's are claimed to be served up behind-the-scenes.

The villa is privately owned

One baffling thought, is that the famous Love Island villa is not kept and maintained in the same way throughout the year.

The home of the reality stars is actually privately owned and is transformed by the programme's own team ahead of time.

ITV rent the villa for a period of time but the home is then offered up for private rental.

However, those hoping to get a good Instagram snap from within the iconic villa will be disappointed.

Designers rip out all of the interiors when the show finishes and return the Spanish house back to its usual form – with only the pool remaining the same.

Secret camera rooms

It seems the South African villa was no different and also boasted secret compartments throughout.

Eve Gale who became one of the first twins to ever enter the villa, revealed that she'd stumbled across some huge camera rooms during her time on the show.

In an interview with Capital, she said: "A lot of times in the villa there's lots of corridors and doors that open up that's not for us to be in, rooms full or cameras or furniture and a lot of times you can get lost."

She went on: "A lot of times you can get lost, I'm walking to the beach hut and I'm like 'where is it?', I open a door and there's a massive warehouse room with cameras and I'm like 'oops, I'm not meant to be in here, I'll get in trouble if I'm in here!' and you have to go away and re-navigate!"

The blonde bombshell also explained that she was aware of camera people filming her from behind "bushes" but tried to ignore they were there.

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