Love Island spoiler – first couple get intimate under the covers

So far, Love Island's Curtis Pritchard hasn't stood out as a particularly sexual member of the villa.

He's been providing a listening ear for Lucie Donlan as she sobbed about moody Joe Garrett, and was a handy board to bounce ideas of for Tommy Fury when he was weighing up his lady-options.

But tonight will see Curtis joining the application stage of the Do Bits Society as he and Amy Hart get intimate under the covers.

His bizarre plan to kiss Amy looks doomed to fail as his attempt to woo her falls flat.

"I took her aside tonight. I was going to try and give her a cheeky little kiss but the circumstances were completely wrong. It did not go to plan at all," he tells the Beach Hut camera in tonight's episode.

However, air hostess Amy seems to think he's charm personified, and tells the other girls in the dressing room that he's going to get lucky.

"I'm going to instigate the snuggle tonight," she winks at them.

Heading to the Beach Hut, Amy then confesses: "Curtis is such a lovely person and the word I use is sunny. He is such a sunny person. He lights up all the rooms he goes into.

"I really fancy Curtis. He’s got a really beautiful little face and a really good body. So, win-win."

In fact, she has no plans to wait until getting to know him better as she and Curtis immediately get busy under the covers as the Islanders retire to bed.

The lights turn off and the other couples seem to be sound asleep as Curtis reaches over in bed and cups Amy's face with his hand.

In the sneak peek, Amy coyly smiles and pulls the duvet over their heads, disappearing underneath it.

The next morning, Curtis seems full of beans as he wraps his arms around Amy in the kitchen and plants a kiss on her cheek.

Meanwhile, the young lovers' antics seem to have spurred the rest of the Islanders into action as Anton Danyluk sets his sights on Anna Vakili.

Branding his plan Operation Double A, he doesn't seem to care that Anna is already coupled up with Sherif Lanre.

"I've come up with Operation Double A, I'm going to go for Anna today. The boys are going to help me, the girls are going to help me so I'm feeling very, very confident," the Scottish gym owner tells the camera.

But Sherif looks furious as Anton happily chatters about his plot with Callum MacLeod in the garden gym.

Later, Anna is heard telling Amber Gill that she could be receptive to Anton's charms.

"Sherif does not put any work in at all," she moans.

Sherif then tells the Beach Hut that he's not willing to give up on her without a fight.

"It isn't over between me and Anna. I do intend to carry on in that aspect," he confirms.

"We're still in a coupling and I want to make that work."

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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