Love Island viewers shocked over Yewande Biala’s sex confession: ‘It’s been how long?’

Tonight’s episode of Love Island saw cast member Yewande Biala finally go on a date.

With the nation rooting for the sweetheart, the stunning scientist dressed up and got her glam on for the occasion. 

While on her date with new boy Danny Williams, 21, the 23-year-old confessed she has been single for four years.

And viewers quickly took to Twitter to claim the beauty hasn’t had sex in four years. 

“Single for 4 years with a body count of 1”


In a previous episode during a game, Yewande admitted she has only ever slept with one person.

So with a body count of one and being single for four years, viewers speculated that Yewande hasn’t had any action since.

One tweeted: “Single for four years with a body count of one. Yewande has defo been hitting up her ex for sex.

“There’s no way she’s gone four years without a crumb of c**k.”

Another wrote: “Yolande hasn’t had sex in four years then? No wonder she’s airing it out in that dress.”

A third commented: “Wait Yewande’s been single for four years and has only slept with one person.

“Has she not had sex in 4 years???”

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