Love Island’s Anna-May ‘dumped’ next as fans ‘work out’ exit

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After a day of break-ups, sexy challenges and making moves, the islanders were left shocked when a dumping text came their way. Viewers had been voting for who their favourite girl and favourite boy islanders were, with two set to be sent home. However, after an agonising cliffhanger eagle-eyed viewers have “worked out” Anna-May Robey will be the next to leave, alongside Haris Namani

As the islanders gathered around the fire pit, they each read out one by one who was at risk of being dumped.

Haris, Kai Fagan and Tom Clare received the least votes, along with Anna-May, Tanya Manhenga and Tanyel Revan.

The six islanders stood in front of the fire pit when it was revealed that newcomers Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters would decide who would be dumped from the island.

It has already been revealed Haris’ journey came to an end, after his exit was leaked.

However, many fans feel they have worked out Anna-May would be joining him after she was recently dumped by Kai earlier that day.

@courtsfletcher guessed: “Mannn what a plot twist getting the bombshells to choose who goes home, I reckon it’ll be Anna-May and Haris #loveisland.”

@JaesJournal commented: “Anna-May and Haris are the two without bonafide connections, so are the easiest and safest bets.”

@amberbchallenge agreed: “Anna-May and Haris should be dumped they have no connections #loveisland.”

Rodney Kicoly stated: “Surely Anna-May will be dumped? Kai literally cut things off with her so at the moment she is pursuing no one.”

Amanda Kirby said: “As lovely as she is, Anna-May is going home. If the Aussies think about this right they won’t split up an actual couple.”

Claire Arnold exclaimed: “Bye Anna-May, you didn’t bring much to the villa and you don’t have a couple… say your goodbyes!” (sic)

The night before, Kai had pulled Anna-May to one side to explain how he was feeling about their situation and Tanyel.

He began: “I think I have had to do a lot of thinking today because obviously, it’s not really fair is it, like you both deserve to know exactly where my heads at, to be able to get to know other people.”

Anna-May asked: “Yeah, so where is your head at?” to which Kai admitted: “If I am going to be completely honest with myself, as hard as it is, and I really beat myself up about it.

“I think I do get on with Tanyel a bit more, there is a bit more of a spark there.”

Anna-May responded: “I feel like you don’t have much flirting or serious chat, do you know what I mean?”

Kai agreed and added: “I think sometimes you just got to go with your gut on things,” but Anna-May cut him off.

She told him: “Don’t worry. I agree. I feel like with me and you, we get along more as friends, and I feel like I do have a laugh with you and I can have fun.

“But I feel like it is more in a friend way. We’re all living together, we are all good.”

In the beach hut, Anna-May admitted she saw it coming and noticed the connection between Kai and Tanyel a lot more.

Love Island airs every night from 9pm on ITV2.

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