Love Island’s Anton Danyluk gets pied again as newbie Arabella lusts after Danny

Tonight's Love Island might not show the Islanders eating – but there'll be a hell of a lot of pie in one form or another.

A sneak peek at this evening's episode shows unlucky-in-love gym owner Anton Danyluk trying his hardest to win over the new girl… but getting rejected once again, this time in favour of Danny Williams.

Last night saw Arabella Chi entering the villa and immediately hearing the distinct snap of whiplash, as all the boys' heads turned straight towards her model bod.

Her arrival made Yewande Biala sit up straight, as Arabella picked Danny and Anton to take on dates.

When Danny returned home in one piece, Yewande decided to finally show him the affection he'd been missing and made her move, snogging him in the garden before resuming their makeout session in bed.

Viewers thought that would leave the path clear for Anton to sweep model Arabella off her feet… but tonight's Love Island preview shows nothing of the sort.

Arabella and Danny steal away for a private chat, where she seeks to understand where his head is at.

"You seemed quite happy last night after you'd kissed and everything," she points out.

"It all felt like a weight off my shoulders a little bit, but I'm not getting fooled by it just yet," Danny says, savagely. "And obviously I can't ignore the fact that how f**king good our date was, I can't ignore it."

Later, Anton sidles up to Arabella on the beanbags where she's sunbathing.

"Was your chat with Danny good?" he oh-so innocently asks.

"Yeah it was good, it's quite hard to get to know him. Since I've come in Yewande's got a bit more territorial," Arabella points out.

"You're coming into the lion's den aren't you," Anton laughs, and she agrees.

In the Beach Hut, Anton reckons he's got it made in the shade.

Sadly, his confidence doesn't seem to be doing much for Arabella, who gravitates straight back to Danny by the pool.

She's talking to him when jealous Yewande spies them and makes a beeline for Danny's lap.

Arabella tells the Beach Hut camera: "I think literally sitting on somebody when they're having a chat with someone was a little bit strange, I was like, 'hmm, OK'."

And things only get worse for Anton in the kissing challenge, when Arabella puts all the moves on Danny – leaving Yewande "f**king fuming".

Anton takes Danny aside in the garden that evening to congratulate him on having two beautiful women to choose between.

"You've got a model who's fighting over you," Anton laughs – with a tinge of sadness.

Arabella isn't the first woman who Anton has tried to win over.

First there was Lucie Donlan, who quickly turned to Joe Garratt before he got voted off the show.

Then Anton tried his luck with Anna Vakili, who coupled up with him but wasn't interested in getting to know him.

He then put the moves on Molly-Mae Hague, who became enamoured with Tommy Fury instead.

Anton then attempted to find a spark with Elma Pazar, and things seemed to be going well until she was booted out of the villa in last week's public vote.

Brutally, Arabella pieing him makes it five women to cast Anton aside.

Will he ever find love? Or is this payback for all the women he's admitted to cheating on over the last few years?

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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