Love Island's biggest blunders – from flashing star's boob to missing heads in bizarre editing fails

LOVE Island delivered its most explosive episode yet last night filled with drama, tears and huge arguments.

But with producers working frantically working around the clock to deliver six episodes a week with a bonus unseen show and After Sun, it's no wonder some editing errors have slipped through the net.

Here we take a look at the biggest blunders so far this series.

Boob flash

LOVE Island risked breaking its own rules when ITV accidentally broadcasted a naked boob.

The bare breast was spotted by a fan who flagged the blink-and-you-miss-it moment on Twitter.

They shared a snap of the editing blunder with the caption: "Who's t*t?"

In the photo Abigail is seen with her head wrapped in a towel as another Islander applies make-up in the mirror behind her.

Peeping out top right is a completely bare boob, with the owner's half naked torso covered with a towel.

The Islanders aren't allowed to be fully naked in front of each other.

Even in the shower cast members are not supposed to be completely nude.

This is apparently because the villa is a public place and stripping off in public is not OK.

Love Island producers set certain rules in place that contestants must follow throughout their time on the show.

This list includes no smoking inside the house, pool or garden, no nudity, no masturbating, no unsafe sex, and each star must be in possession of the complete rule book at all times.

'Missing' head

LOVE Island fans were baffled by another epic editing blunder as Faye Winter's head went "missing" during the show.

In a clip shared on TikTok, the Islander's head appeared to disappear before doubling during a scene aired last night.

Faye – who is locked in a love triangle with Teddy and Sam – was walking down steps towards the swimming pool at the villa when the odd moment was spotted by viewers.

Sharing the moment in slow motion, a TikTok user said: "Another editing mistake love island," followed by the laughing face emoji.

Kaz comes out of nowhere

VIEWERS were left scratching their heads when Kaz appeared as if by magic in the middle of a scene.

Hugo, Aaron and Liam were discussing the double dumping of AJ and Danny on the outdoor beds immediately after the dramatic event.

As the conversation was wrapping up and Liam got up to leave, Kaz suddenly appeared lying in the middle of the bed.

The only issue is, she hadn't been part of the trio's chat or even been seen anywhere in shot during it.

But the way she was laid comfortably inbetween the boys suggested she'd been there for some time.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "How did the boys magic Kaz in there!!"

Another said: "Anyone else notice Kaz magically pop up on the bed when Liam Aaron and Hugo got up???"

A third posted: "guys please #LoveIslandEDIT BETTER."

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