Love Island’s Gemma Owen calls Ekin-Su ‘calculated’: ‘You know what you’re doing’

Love Island was full of drama on Monday night as Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu clashed with fellow Islanders Amber Beckford and Michael Owen's daughter Gemma.

Ekin-Su and Amber have been notably distant from one another of late, with both girls sharing frosty looks with one another on a handful of occasions – something which eagle-eyed viewers have already spotted.

And during Monday's episode, Ekin-Su confronted Amber about the evident rift.

Chatting to Jay Younger, who Ekin-Su’s now coupled up with, the Scotsman said to her: "I won’t lie, I am sensing a bit of friction between you and Amber, I can just sense it."

After her chat with Jay, Ekin-Su headed over to speak to Amber and said: "I was sitting there and he [Jay] was like, I think Amber and Paige don’t like you."

Amber then responded by questioning if the Turkish actress is "playing a bit of a game".

She said: "I feel like upstairs, you’ve been really genuine and we’ve seen a vulnerable side to you but I will add, over the last couple of days I’ve thought, is she playing a bit of a game?"

Evidently unhappy with Amber’s comments, Ekin-Su replied: "What's your actual issue with me? All you’re saying doesn’t make sense."

To which Amber replied: "You’re playing a bit of a game, enjoying the drama."

Ekin-Su then went on to question if it’s Amber who is the one playing the game, instead of her.

During the disagreement, Gemma jumped to Amber's defence as she accused Ekin-Su of being "calculated".

Gemma said: "It's unfair to just blame it completely on Amber because I think some of the other girls have seen a little bit of a difference as well."

Clearly unhappy with Gemma's comments, Ekin-Su said: "Why didn't you speak up then?", to which Gemma replied: "We're speaking up now".

The argument then escalate as Gemma said: "Sometimes we see a genuine side [of Ekin-Su] and sometimes a side that we think is questionable."

Gemma continued: "I think you’re calculated and you know what you’re doing".

Ekin-Su looked dumbfounded as she said: "All I've done is be nice to everyone here. I'm just really genuinely upset with everything right now.

Her voice cracked and she looked close to tears as she said: "I just don't understand why you're all just…" as she trailed off.

Amber could be seen rolling her eyes, which fired Ekin-Su up again as she said: "Don't roll your eyes, seriously, what is the problem?"

The next day in the dressing room, Amber and Ekin-Su had a heart to heart, with Ekin-Su apologising for making a comment about Amber's relationship with Dami, and the girls went away happier that they had cleared the air.

Ekin-Su's partner Jay also had a chat with the boys about the situation, complaining it's "more drama than I've ever had in my f*****g life".

Jacques then told him: "If you don't want drama, you picked the wrong girl to couple up with", to which Jay huffed: "I know, mate".

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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