Love Island’s Michael caught looking at Amber’s bum after savagely dumping her

Eagle eyed Love Island fans noticed Michael Griffiths checking out Amber Gill’s bottom as he scuttled past her in the villa just days after savagely dumping her.

The 27-year-old hunk from Liverpool had been in a romance with 21-year-old Geordie beauty Amber since the early days of the current season.

However, he brutally dumped her (and, some fans say, gaslighted her over their failed romance hours later) before coupling with relative newcomer Joanna Chimonides, 22, earlier in the week.

However, fans think Michale may be regretting tossing stunner Amber aside as they spotted him glancing longingly at her while quickly trying to pass her without her noticing his lustful gaze in scenes aired on Sunday night.

The moment was captured on cameras and featured on the highlights episode seconds after surfing babe Lucie Donald, 21, from Newquay complained about failure to bond with blond Essex boy George Rains, 22.

Michale passed Amber in the bathroom as she was standing brushing her hair.

The fireman was wearing nothing but a towel and was thus showing off his incredibly muscular physique.

Michael’s supple muscles and taught skin were clear for anyone to see – his washboard abs practically rippling as his powerful, muscular legs carried him down the corridor.

With his bulging pecks on display and his big, strong arms flexing as he held his pristine towel around him, he quickly and powerfully glided past Amber.

And his gaze momentarily dropped to Amber's pert bottom as he scurried past – with fans quick to take to social media to make note.

“The way Michael walked past Amber in the bathroom and looked at her bum was fantabulous tbh,” one Love Island fan commented on Twitter seconds after the incident.

“Michael definitely had a cheeky look at ambers bum as he walked past her,” commented another.

Fans of Amber tuning in on Sunday night would not doubt have been left disappointed to see that she did not couple up with a celebrity guest.

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