Love Island’s Yewande and Arabella fight after desperately awkward straddle

Yewande Biala and Arabella Chi go head-to-head as they try to win over Danny Williams on tonight's Love Island .

Within minutes of stunning model Arabella entering the villa, Yewande suddenly realised she is madly in love with Danny.

Yewande has tried to turn up the heat and snogged Danny last night to stop his head from completely turning.

But her plan seems to be failing when Danny locks lips with Arabella in the kissing contest, then they find themselves alone on the bean bags.

After spotting her man with her love rival, furious Yewande makes a desperately awkward bid to win him back.

Speaking to Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill, she says: “I’m going to go down there and be affectionate.”

Yewande approaches the pair and initially says nothing as she awkwardly stands over Danny, who hesitantly says: "Hey".

"Hey," replies Yewande as she weirdly hovers over Danny with her legs either side.

Rather than relaxing on a bean bag, the scientist decides to take a seat on Danny's lap.

She says: “I’m going to sit on you because I want to.”

There's an awkward atmosphere between all three members of the love triangle as they sit in silence.

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In the Beach Hut, Arabella says: "I think sitting on someone when they're literally having a chat with someone is a little bit strange."

The girls finally confront each other later that evening when Arabella asks Yewande for a chat about her relationship with Danny.

Yewande says: “I think at the moment we’re just really strong and we’re going forward. Everything is looking good.”

Calling this into question, Arabella says: “Today, both of us [Arabella and Danny] were saying that we can’t deny a connection. So, from my point of view I think he is telling you one thing and me one thing. He feels that he still wants to get to know me. Earlier I was chatting with him on the bean bags and you just came and sat on him. I just feel like it’s a bit territorial.”

Yewande replies: “I feel like if I am coupled up with someone and I want to sit on them then I can.”

Arabella asks: “Do you not think you’re going from nought to 150?”

Hitting back, Yewande says: “I don’t think sitting on someone’s leg is me going from zero to 150.”

Danny and Anton eavesdrop on the girls’ conversation from the bean bags, with the gym owner joking: “You’ve got a model and a scientist fighting over you!”

After her chat with Arabella, Yewande tells Molly-Mae and Amber: “I am livid. She said I was being territorial over him.”

Speaking with Lucie and Maura on the day beds, Arabella says: “I’m not just going to go for a single guy because he is single.”

Will Danny decide to progress with Yewande or is he ready to start something new with Arabella?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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