Lucia Scalisi husband: Is The Repair Shop’s Lucia Scalisi married?

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The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight (February 23) with a shortened episode. Jay Blades will be joined by art conservator Lucia Scalisi as she works on a portrait from the 1930s of the Japanese martial arts master Yukio Tani. Fans are keen to find out more about the expert, including her relationship status.

Is The Repair Shop’s Lucia Scalisi married?

In tonight’s episode of the much-loved workshop series, Lucia is helping out guest Peter.

His painting of a martial arts master takes pride of place in the UK’s most prestigious martial arts club.

But having been on display for so long, it is in need of Lucia’s miracle-working.

Lucia specialises in the restoration of canvas paintings and she has more than 30 years of experience.

She has worked in both museum and private sectors and she began her career in Conservation at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1984.

Lucia has not revealed much about her personal life and details about her marital status are not known.

Keeping her private life out of the spotlight, she focuses solely on promoting her work.

She worked for 11 years as a Senior Conservator of Paintings at the V&A before opening a private conservation studio in London.

Since then she has worked as Chief Restorer with the Calcutta Tercentenary Trust at Victoria Memorial Hall.

Her other roles include Lecturer at the Academy of Conservation in Tbilisi, Georgia and Advisor to The Levantine Foundation in Egypt.

Having travelled the world to hone her craft, she joined the cast of The Repair Shop in 2017.

She has worked on some fascinating pieces including works at the Henry VIII Exhibition at the British Library.

Large public collections at Westminster City Council are also in her remit.

The expert has also worked at the American University of Beirut.

Lucia is on Instagram and she has been keeping fans up to date with her latest projects.

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Her social media account seems to be dedicated to her work and her time on The Repair Shop.

She has been sharing some of her favourite Repair Shop projects, including a Charles II portrait.

Lucia said: “These kind of paintings rarely survive – usually a result of benign neglect, not really believing they are what they are.

“Dreams do come true & stories & history are compelling, both knowledge & entertainment wise.” [Sic]

Her most recent post was of a Fra Angelico piece from the late 1300s.

Sharing her expertise, she said: “It’s a miraculous piece, a jewel in a treasure chest of wonder.

“The panel is painted in egg tempera & was originally the predella – lower panels from an altar piece – in the Florentine Church where Guido di Pietro took holy orders (along with his younger brother) in 1417.

“He was quickly recognised as being of exceptional talent as a painter & went on to create many frescoes & panel paintings just as brilliant as this.

“It is this one though that we can get close to & why my dear friends- if you can – you should go & see it in all its splendour, up close & personal.” [Sic]

The Repair Shop airs on Wednesdays on BBC One at 8.30pm.

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