Lucifer fans call out confusing plot hole with the devil's immortality after tense shoot-out in season 5

FANS of Lucifer have called out a plot inconsistency in season 5.

Avid viewers have noticed the plot hole in the fantasy drama following a shoot-out between Dan Espinoza and Lucifer.

Fans are still confused why some attacks seem to affect Lucifer (Tom Ellis) more than others – while other times he remains untouchable.

The scene in question was when Dan pulled a gun out and shot Lucifer when he admitted to being the Prince of Darkness.

The inconsistency came to light after the bullet bounced straight off him with Lucifer fans questioning the shooting and the effect it had/didn't have on him.

They took to Reddit to debate whether Lucifer should have been knocked to the ground when Dan shot him in the chest. 

A fan posted: “How is it that when Dan shot Lucifer he fell backwards, but other times he got shot with a full clip but didn't even blink?”

Another replied: “This is one of the most inconsistent things about the show, I think their explanation might be that when it's unexpected it hits differently, kinda like tensing up before getting punched.”

A fan added: "Only hours later, Dan attempts to shoot him and he's invulnerable again. I imagine it has a lot to do with the conversation he and Chloe had just had, but part of me's hoping that being unable to help his partner has something to do with him suddenly becoming bulletproof."

Meanwhile, the final season will have fewer episodes as Netflix struggles to get the cast to set.

The streaming giant made the decision to chop the number of episodes in the sixth season down to ten from 16.

Filming for the second half of season five will kick off later this month as production was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucifer's cast and crew will then immediately begin shooting for season six, albeit with fewer episodes to work on, according to TV Line.

There has been a lot of last minute changes that the team has had to grapple with as Netflix originally extended the number of episodes on seasons five to compensate for the chopped up season.

The writers had to complete rewrite the ending to season five, not only because Netflix added extra episodes, but also because the streaming decided the fifth season would not be the show's last.

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