Lucifer renewed for season 6 as Netflix tease Tom Ellis return as the devil?

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) has been through a large journey over the four seasons so far. The end of season four saw him returning to Hell to look after the demons that were about to rebel, which suggested more drama was in store for the Devil. Unfortunately, it was later announced season five would bring the show to an end after its release.

With just one more season left, fans are eager to enjoy every ounce of the remaining 16 episodes.

However it seems like fans could get extremely lucky with the arrival of a sixth season in the coming years.

TV Line has now reported Netflix is supposedly looking to extend the show by another season.

The publication claims Netflix are “in talks” with Warner Bros. Television to extend the show.


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If this is the case, viewers would presumably be able to enjoy at least another eight episodes involving Lucifer, and his new partner Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

However, with just one problem left to solve in season five, many more issues would need to be brought up for season six.

These plot lines could involve almost anything, as Lucifer has struggled in relationships with his siblings, and father.

Will Lucifer go on to rectify all of his relationship issues by the end of the series?

Meanwhile, fans of the show were recently treated to a glimpse into the upcoming musical episode of season five.

A video was posted to TikTok of Lucifer dancing with some cheerleaders in a high school.

The poster captioned the video: “So they were filming LUCIFER at our school for season five and wait till the end.” (sic)

While the footage doesn’t show much, it does give viewers a taste of what is to come when Lucifer dons his dancing shoes once again.

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Fans of the show instantly began responding to the video, with one writing: “Please tell me it’s a time travel/alternative-universe episode and we get to see the making of Hot Tub High School… The Musical!”

While others weren’t too thrilled by the musical number, as another added: “I have watched too many TV show endings to find that when some of them end on a musical number, it’s never that good.”

“Now I see it as kind of a cheap way to cut things off. I love Lucifer too much for them to do that,” wrote a third.

The ending of the show may not be as disappointing as fans believe, though, as Chloe Decker could go on to be revealed as an angel.


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Viewers have thought Chloe was an angel since it was revealed she was put on the earth by God to help Lucifer.

This topic was then brought up during a panel, in which fans asked the producers: “Can we say that we’re going to explore it in season five?”

Although they were tight-lipped about the Chloe theory, Tom later responded to a question regarding Chloe helping Lucifer escape from hell.

He jovially responded: “Well how on earth would she do that? It’s a ridiculous question.”

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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