Madonna serves Jimmy Fallon in neon dance battle on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon just got served by Madame X.

Madonna, still promoting her new music and persona, hit up The Tonight Show this week and worked the stage in Jimmy Fallon’s latest late-night bit, a neon dance battle.

Both guest and host donned jump suits with attached neon lights and showed off their best moves. At one point, Fallon asked himself aloud, “Why am I even trying?” You know, ’cause it’s Madonna and all.

The pop star, 60, released her Madame X album on June 14 and will soon perform at New York City Pride this June 30 at Hudson River Park’s Pier 97 in Manhattan. She’ll then embark on a tour of the album this fall, starting with New York. Lots of dancing will, of course, be involved.

Elsewhere on The Tonight Show, Madonna kept dancing. Fallon thought his audience became jealous that he got to neon dance with her, so he asked if Madonna could teach the crowd how to do her cha cha cha dance from the song “Medellín.” Madame X was happy to do so.

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