Marcella's Anna Friel reveals 'rough' sex scenes in series 3 left co-star scared he'd injure her

MARCELLA'S Anna Friel has revealed how 'rough' sex scenes in series three left her co-star scared he'd injure her.

Series three of the hit ITV drama begins next week and sees Anna go undercover in Ireland as the titular character.

Marcella infiltrates a notorious Belfast crime family, the Maguires, as Keira, complete with short blonde hair and a whole new personality.

She does it by becoming the girlfriend of one of the criminal clan’s brothers, Finn, played by Aaron McCusker, and the pair had to film a number of sex scenes for the series.

Anna, 44, told The Sun and other media: "It's so choreographed because it's quite rough, the sex she has.

"You've not really seen a sexual side of Marcella. I think her false identity that she starts to rely on too much is much more overtly sexual than Marcella ever was and she uses that as a weapon, so to speak."

She continued: "He was very lovely the actor who played Finn. He wanted to make sure I didn't get hurt.

"But as long as you've got a really caring, kind, good actor, they [sex scenes] don't bother me that much.

"And a lot of people are respectful on set and keep it as a closed set, you just try to make us as real as possible. But they are nobody’s favourite scenes to do."

Marcella normally has long brown hair, but for series three, she sports a short blond wavy bob to become Keira.

Anna admitted she loved the physical transformation involved, saying: "It was quite demanding, us thinking, what do we do?

"Because it's not going to be Marcella’s influence, it’s got to be Keira’s, and how does she fit into that world? And what would they want her to look like and what would be attractive to Finn?

"Getting the blonde hair and that cut right was quite demanding. But I think what we ended up with worked quite well.

"And it is very different how being a blonde makes you feel."

Series three of Marcella begins on Tuesday, January 26 at 9pm on ITV.

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