Mark Labbett boasts he’ll be ‘the skinniest Chaser’ after mega weight loss

The Chase 's Mark Labbett astounded fans with his incredible weight loss journey as he took to Instagram to show off his new results.

Mark, 55, looked rather dapper as he posed for the new selfie image wearing a white button up shirt that showcased his slimmed-down physique.

In August of last year, the quizzing guru, better known as The Beast on the popular gameshow, explained that he had shed almost five stone in weight.

If his recent side-by-side transformational images are anything to go by, it would seem his journey hadn't quite finished as he appeared slimmer than ever.

Clearly chuffed with his efforts, he took to social media to update his followers on his efforts.

Mark penned: "Leaner, meaner lockdown with good folks of Muscle Foods.

"At this rate I will be the skinniest chaser 🙂 #paidpartnershipwithmusclefooduk."

Inevitably, adoring fans flooded his page with praise and admiration and the post racked up a significant amount of likes too.

One person said: "Well done, you have done amazing. Weight loss has taken years off you. Wish I had a bit of your willpower."

Another gasped: "Wow, what a massive change. You have done so well Mark, you should be mega proud."

While another fan of the ITV favourite added: "Get you… and I'm not liking these women on the evening chaser saying they all fancy you…I'm well jealous."

Previously Mark opened up about his weight loss on Loose Women, revealing that he hadn't actually done anything out of the ordinary, except from eating out a lot less and running around after his three year-old-son, whom he shares with his now-ex wife

Speaking on the programme, he said: "I think people are going to hate me, I've not been trying to lose weight, I've had the brush with this virus, and what's been happening is I've not been going out.

"My wife does shift work so I've been the primary carer… as my viewers will know, looking after a toddler, you don't have time to eat!

"I was 27 stone when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was 23 stone at my last check up in March and hopefully I'll be a bit lighter than that, but the main one is eating a bit more sensibly and I'm doing more exercises these days."

Following that month, Mark announced that he and his wife Katie, who is a nurse, were parting ways after seven years of marriage.

He told The Sun: "There was never any deceit on Katie's part but it's got to the point now where I realise it is better for us to go our separate ways and remain friendly."

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