Matt Willis wants to compete in Strictly Come Dancing: 'It's a given'

Busted star Matt Willis has said he’s very keen to take part in Strictly Come Dancing – despite protests from his wife Emma Willis.

Matt – who previously took the crown as King of the Jungle in I’m A Celebrity in 2006 – has expressed his interest in competing to lift the Glitterball Trophy.

The pop star admitted to Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle on the Private Parts podcast on BBC Sounds that he’s been thinking about tearing up the dancefloor for a while – but maybe not quite yet.

‘They’ll be some sort of dancing show in my future, I am sure,’ he teased.

‘Not this year, but it’s a given isn’t it? At some point.’ 

However, this might bring him into direct contact with his wife Emma, who previously ‘banned’ her husband from taking part in the show.

In a past interview with The Mirror, The Voice host said that she would never let Matt take part in Strictly just incase she got a bit jealous.

‘Matt could do Strictly, because he’s an amazing dancer. Every now and then he will bust out a pirouette in the middle of the living room and our daughter will be like, “Wow, Daddy!”‘ Emma said.

‘But I don’t want him grinding against hot women.’

The BBC has confirmed that Strictly will indeed return for its 2020 series this year, but it could look slightly different than normal.

Bosses are reportedly planning 100 format changes to the programme this year, in order to adhere to strict guidelines put in place for TV productions during the pandemic.

It’s already been reported that Strictly’s new series will run at a reduced episode count this year, starting much later than its annual September launch.

Another big change for audiences will be the banning any big-name music acts for performing as a safety measure.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this year.

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