Maya Jama shows off her curves in a fetching knotted bikini

MAYA JAMA has her end-of-summer style all tied up in this fetching knotted bikini.

The telly presenter shared a snap of herself in the green and orange two-piece from designer Rhi Dancey.

Maya will be seen being put through her paces next month in SAS hard man Jason Fox's new Channel 4 show, Foxy’s Fearless 48 Hours but Jason said she wasn’t fazed.

He said: “Her task, I would suggest, was the hardest.

“It was epic – a bungee jump off a bridge that’s never been bungee-jumped off before.

“It was 48 hours of worry for me with Maya because I wasn’t too sure if she was going to be able to embrace what we were going to do on the last day.

“I was pleasantly ­surprised.”

Never underestimate Maya Jama.

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