Molly-Mae Hague goes make-up free to show off her skincare routine

MOLLY-MAE Hague has shown off her make-up free face as she detailed her skin care routine to her social media fans.

The 21-year-old took to her Instagram stories to detail her morning ritual, which involves using three luxurious products for cleansing and toning.

Former Love Island star Molly-Mae stripped herself of foundation and fake tan, revealing her natural skin, including her "acne scarring".

"I've got some no filter realness for you all this morning," she began the series of videos, posing for the camera in her white dressing gown.

"I've woken up with some greasy hair apparently, and some dull and tired and sad looking skin. I've got some scarring from hormonal spots I've had.

"I'm going to spend a little bit more time on my skin care this morning, and I'm going to be using the Skinamalism trio from Elemis."

The reality star went on to show the three products to the camera, announcing she was advertising them to her 5.4million fans.

"I have a nice new fresh one of these to use this morning," Molly-Mae detailed as she opened up the brand new set of products.

She went on to detail how she uses a "pound coin" amount of product to remove dirt and make-up from her face, showing off her dirty flannel.

Next she used exfoliating pads, which she told fans were "so much quicker and hassle free" compared to a standard exfoliating product.

"Feel so much fresher now – ready for the day," she captioned the video of the final result, showing off the dewy moisturiser on her face, giving her a gentle glow.

"I'm so happy that I took the extra time to sort my skin out this morning as I feel so much better and fresher now," she concluded.

It's not the first time Molly-Mae has opened up about her skincare routine, as earlier this year she begged fans to help her with her "angry" skin.

The blonde beauty posed for a make-up-free selfie on her Instagram stories with her hair pulled back to show her fans an acne outbreak on her cheeks.

Molly-Mae asked fans for "spot cream recommendations", writing: "My skin is very angry at the moment, no idea what's going on with it?

"Not changed my skin care routine and not time of the month."

This week, Molly-Mae admitted she's missing boyfriend Tommy Fury "so much" as he trains in the US with his brother Tyson Fury.

Tommy flew out to the States to join Tyson at his training camp in Las Vegas as his heavyweight brother prepares for his fight against Anthony Joshua.

Sharing a photo on her Instagram Story Molly-Mae wrote alongside a heart emoji: "Calls with my blue eyed prince. Missing you so so so much"

Tommy looked like he had been missing Molly-Mae too, as he sat checking his phone on the beach on Thursday.

The pair have been FaceTiming non-stop whilst Tommy has been away with Molly sharing a second snap on Instgram last week and writing: "FaceTime calls with my handsome, missing your face terribly."

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