My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's Paddy Doherty discharged from hospital

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty has left hospital after falling seriously ill with coronavirus.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner, who was rushed to A&E last week after an illness worsened, revealed he had a 50% survival rate and was put on oxygen in a bid to help his recovery.

Paddy shared a video update with his fans on Facebook last night, where he thanked NHS staff for their work, branding them ‘true warriors of God.’

‘Thank my God,’ he began. ‘They let me home about half an hour ago.

‘I’m at home now. I’ve got a load of steroids I’ve got to take, just a bag of steroids.

‘Just got to keep indoors now for 10 days and I’m a new man.’

He continued: ‘So I want to thank you all for praying and just being concerned about me.

‘But the most important people I’ve ever seen in my life is them nurses and doctors. They’re a great team.

‘Can I just say one thing? Listen – you’re on about a front line, not being a c*** or anything, but you’re on about a front line – imagine soldiers, they’ve got to go up front first before the back crew gets killed, they got to go up.

‘And that’s what it’s like, they’re going up. They know exactly what’s happening, and they’re wearing this [PPE], and they can catch it faster and they’re putting their lives…

‘I’ve never seen nothing like them. They are the true warriors of God, true angels.

‘They’ve nerves of steel. I was afraid there. It was 50-50, it wasn’t even 50-50 but I lived to tell the story.’

He added: ‘Them nurses and doctors – thumbs up – there’s no words for them. They’re just a different level. They’re the greatest people on the planet.

‘Without them, life wouldn’t exist.’

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