Nadia Sawalha strips to underwear to bare unedited curves in empowering snap

Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha sent her Instagram followers wild as she flaunted her unedited curves as she stripped down to black underwear in her kitchen.

The ITV host, who turns 56 on Wednesday, beamed at the camera as she showed her curves in an empowering Instagram post about having confidence in herself.

Nadia looked happier than ever as the snaps showing her dancing around the kitchen as she showed off her unedited curves from all angles, leading to her being inundated with praise from fans.

She captioned the post: "Woke up this morning as one sad duck, dragged my clothes over my miserable arse. Slopped downstairs, looked into the mirror with a face like a slapped a**e and let the nasty voices shout in my head.

"Dragged myself over to the kettle , brain fizzing with stinking negative thinking And woe is me!!! Then like a lightning bolt I was struck with the thought … THIS !!!!!

"What would you say to a friend that was feeling like this Nadia?!???? Can you not be as good to YOU as you would be to someone else?? Well …."You are ducking amazing! Is what I’d say if I was my mate!!!

|I’d say ….'Just think you gave birth on the kitchen floor you that you are now standing on'!!!

"'How ducking brilliant is that , you didn’t even have a Gin and tonic for the pain you goddess warrior you!!!

"I’d say …..'Your body is ducking incredible ! Give it a big bloody hug instead of moaning about it'!

"I’d say …'You cooked an ace roast last night for your family, even though you were ducking knackered, you soothed a sad friend on the phone, you baked a cake for an elderly neighbour (ok you ate half of it but your only human!)

"'You almost cleared out your cupboards but decided duck that and hung out with your fella instead !

"'You worked your a*** off all day in a job you love ..

"'You are a 360 deg woman . Now shut the duck up , take your clothes off ( bit weird ) and dance those nasty little duckers that are in your head the duck out of it !!!'"

"Ahhhhhh thank you friend .. feel much better …..

"Ps as always say no one has ever been as nasty to me as ME !

"Pps Try being your best friend in the world today.

"Pps I’m so tired of duck coming up everytime I want to say F*** that from this day forth I will be using the duck emoji whenever I want to say F*** !!!

"Ring a note for anyone else today ????? How’s your stinking thinking doing ????"

It didn't take long for the praise to come pouring in for Nadia's post, as one fan posted: "I wish you were my friend – you look amazing you are amazing- just be YOU."

Another added: "Better for reading this making me feel all woman. Thanks love."

A third chipped in: "HAHAHAHAH the duck emoji is really making me laugh! You go babes!!"

A fourth said: "You’re my shining light!"

Loose Women continues tomorrow at 12.30pm on ITV.

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