Naked Attraction mum hospitalised three times after romping with VERY well-endowed man

A FORMER Naked Attraction contestant has revealed she landed herself in hospital after romps with her chosen suitor. 

Appearing in season one of the show back in 2016, Tracy picked Mark from a parade of penises on the X-rated dating show. 

Speaking to host Anna Richardson, she shocked viewers when she declared she was looking for a well-endowed man to handle her ‘jam jar vagina’ – which she later compared to a beef sandwich. 

Well, she found it in Mark, whose penis was so big other contestants admitted that they ‘couldn’t compete with it’. 

Fast forward five years and Tracy has no regrets about taking part in the show, and on Tuesday night’s highlight special, reveals that she went on to date Mark for a year. 

She also ended up in A&E due to the sheer size of his manhood. 

“Mark was such a good choice for me, he was the perfect person,” she said. 

“We were laughing everyday and on the phone for hours and we lost so many days just spent in bed.” 

“He actually became Mr UK which was incredible,” she added. 

“Mark was known for his big package, I think, you know, for every woman when you have children it changes down there.

“It definitely helps having that extra package.

“He put me in hospital a few times with it, but I'm OK.” 

Sadly, while their sexual chemistry was clearly second to none, Mark and Tracy didn’t work out – and they split a year after meeting on the show. 

However, she did at least find love, and has been with her new partner for two-and-a-half years after meeting on Tinder. 

Naked Attraction airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4. 

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