Naked Attraction’s top moments including the contestant that left Anna Richardson speechless

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If you’re a fan of Naked Attraction, you won’t want to miss the show’s brand new spin-off – Naked Attraction Best Naughty Bits.

The five-part series, which kicks off on Channel 4 tonight, looks back at the most memorable moments from the daring dating show, as well as replaying some of the most jaw-dropping scenarios that viewers have seen play out.

Teasing what’s to come, host Anna Richardson exclusively tells OK!: “They are literally hilarious. When I was doing the voiceover, whoever wrote the script, literally deserves an Oscar. I was crying with laughter in the voice over booth. And I guarantee LOLS with the best of.”

Here, Anna charts some of her favourite memories from the set, as she reveals that there’s only one contestant who has left her completely and utterly speechless over the years.


“We’ve got Tracey who was back in series one, who had a designer vagina and decided to turn her labia, which had been removed in surgery, into a little pendant around her neck.

“So she’d taken her labia and had them set in some sort of resin, and wears them proudly around her neck – as you do.”


“Who could forget Lauren Harries from series five? Our celebrated transexual celebrity.

“Lauren, who used to be the antiques dealer from the 1980’s, is now the very well-known Lauren Harries, who stormed off set after not being picked.

“I’m really proud of all the transexual people that come on, and I really mean that. I consider it a privilege for us to see their journey.

“It’s a privilege for us to be able to see people who are not heteronormative. [Them saying], 'This is my struggle, this is what I’m going through and I deserve to be loved and found attractive.' I think that’s a lesson for all of us.”


“We’ve also had some lovely moments over the years, including our Naked Attraction success stories.

“We’ve got Gemma and James from series two who found love and who are still very much together, four and a half years later.

"We’ve also had our first Naked Attraction engagement. Josh and Rob from series two, were both in the pods, so they met backstage and hit it off!”


“Pablo from series five was HIV positive and came on as a picker to say, 'I’m HIV positive and I’m here to say I’m safe to go out with and safe to have sex with.' It’s educational to get rid of those stigmas."


“I’ve only ever been left speechless once, and that was by Judith, our church going cancer survivor who played the Lord is my Shepherd on her Casio organ whilst trying to get the bodies to dance along to it.

“As a daughter of a vicar that really threw me, I’ve never seen that before. She caused an internet breakdown when she got all the bods to try her Victoria sponge, and she was featured on Gogglebox recently as well.

Naked Attraction Best Naughty Bits airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4

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