NCIS Los Angeles season 13 episode 1: Who is Subject 17?

NCIS: Los Angeles release teaser for ‘Subject 17’

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NCIS LA dropped the first episode of season 13 on October 10, titled Subject 17. Once again airing on CBS, the new season picked up directly from where season 12 ended, and G Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) were thrown into a new hornet’s nest of problems. Yet, the big new mystery of the season is who exactly Subject 17 is.

Who is Subject 17 from NCIS LA season 13?

NCIS LA has separated itself from the other shows in the franchise by the overarching mystery surrounding its protagonist.

G Callen has been haunted by his past since season one, continually trying to unlock the secrets of his backstory.

In fact, he didn’t even discover his full name until season seven, leaving anything to be a potential surprise for viewers.

Now that the show is enjoying its 13th season, it seems the aim of the game this time around is to give Callen and fans some concrete answers once and for all.

Though nothing is ever that simple in the world of NCIS, and for Callen, the truth of his past is only just starting to reveal itself.

During episode one of the new season, Callen breaks into Hetty Lange’s (Linda Hunt) files, desperately looking for information on foster children.

He soon stumbles upon a file titled Subject 17, which he then assumes is him as the description is eerily like himself.

It seems Subject 17 was just one of several children recruited by the CIA to become operatives.

Confiding in his partner Sam, he is encouraged to confront Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) about the program.

Kilbride tells him that only Hetty can answer his questions, stressing that he only follows orders like everybody else.

Eventually, Callen does confront Hetty, demanding she gives him answers.

He asks her if he is Subject 17, to which she exclaims “Yes!”

However, Callen is soon called away to the case, leaving Hetty alone in her office.

Once he finally returns, she has left to pursue her own mission, once again leaving Callen with half the answers to who he is.

Hetty’s brief re-appearance comes after she was largely absent from season 12, off on her own secret mission,

Sadly, little was discovered about what she was doing or where she went, let alone where she has gone now.

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