NeNe Leakes on Walking Off ‘RHOA’ Reunion: ‘It Only Felt Right’

In related news, the 52-year-old Bravo personality reveals that she’s still undecided whether she’s going to return for a new season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ or not.

AceShowbizNeNe Leakes has detailed the reason why she walked off during the first part of season 12 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“. In a lengthy post on her Instagram account, the Bravo personality shared that she felt “it only felt right to personally REMOVE MYSELF from the reunion.”

In the Sunday, May 17 post, she went on to say, “So much had happened this season! (the cookie lady, [Marc Daly] & [Kenya Moore]’s fake marriage, Dennis [McKinley] accusations, Snake gate and much more) but drilling me on subjects, muting me, flashing back to things that had happened since the show has wrapped (like my relationship with [Wendy Williams] while quarantine. (why didn’t they ask about Kandi‘s [Burruss] restaurant shooting the if that’s what we’re doing) interviews I’ve done since we wrapped the show that has nothing to do with the show) After deciding that apologizing for certain things was only only right) that wasn’t genuine enough!”

“Starting over with lil sis [Porsha Williams] was made fun of and here they go bringing someone on the reunion that i was personally told by executives wasn’t allowed on set anymore!” she continued writing, referring to Yovanna Momplaisir, who was deemed to be the “snake” in the current season. “All this and so much more felt like the rules only applied to me and that i was being held to a different standard than others but you continue to be the judge.”

Upon reading her post, fans showed divided reactions. A fan was on NeNe’s side, commenting, “She’s right though…those other stories were definitely more interesting than her fallout with Wendy. It was a set up. I’m glad she didn’t give them the energy. Let’s see what they talk about in her absence.”

However, some others didn’t think that it was right for NeNe to quit the reunion just because she couldn’t take the criticism from others. Calling NeNe “dramatic,” another fan noted, “Every single lady on that show get grilled and today it wasn’t even her who got dragged the most … it was Kenya and her a** took it like a champ like she does at every reunion when they all come for her. I think it’s time for Nene to take a break from the show.”

“Lies. She couldn’t stand the heat so she removed her wig from the kitchen. If you can give it, you can take it,” said another user. Meanwhile, someone else chimed in, “Girl bye!!! Ain’t nobody buying that bullshit. Why wouldn’t you want Yovonna on there if she was your friend? Talk about fake story lines.”

In related news, NeNe revealed that she was undecided whether she would return for a new season or not. “I don’t know. I just don’t know,” the 52-year-old told PEOPLE. “I got back and forth with it every day. I feel like it’s a big conversation I need to have with the network and with production. Because if they value their talent in some sort of way, then we need to talk. We need to come up with some sort of compromise here.”

“This time, being quarantined [amid the coronavirus pandemic] has really made me appreciate a lot of things about my life anyway,” she added. “I keep saying to people, ‘I want my life back.’ I can’t have these girls fighting with me on TV for no reason anymore. I’ve got to move forward. And if that’s all you want from me, I have to move on and I got to go. Me and my wig got to leave, honey.”

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