Nicholas Ralph details abscess removal ahead of All Creatures Great and Small filming

All Creatures Great and Small: Nicholas Ralph teases more seasons

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Nicholas Ralph, who plays the Scottish vet James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small, has become a firm favourite with Channel 5 viewers. Fans have also enjoyed watching the romance unfold between Nicholas’ character and Helen Alderson (played by Rachel Shenton). However, in a new interview, the actor has opened up about how he had to prepare for his role.

In an exclusive interview with, Nicholas explained he had to do a vet bootcamp ahead of the first season to help him get into character.

He also ended up removing an abscess from a horse’s hoof during the three-day bootcamp.

The actor began: “We did vet bootcamp with Andy Barrett so for three days we went out and met with sheep and horses.

“And went through some of the procedures we’d be going through in the show.”

Recalling one particular moment, Nicholas continued: “This was before season one.

“And in one of the first episodes I had to remove an abscess from a horse’s hoof, so I had a horse’s hoof between my legs.

“We were up at the stables and Andy said the guy who ran the stables used to be a farrier.

“But he doesn’t do that anymore because one time he had a horse’s hoof between his legs, the horse came down and broke his back.”

“I was like, ‘Oh the thing I’m about to walk in here and do now?’” he added.

“He was like, ‘yeah, pick your time to tell your stories. Tell me after I’ve done it’.

“But yeah, we did a vet bootcamp.

“He takes us through it so detailed, because ultimately you want a vet to watch it and kind of buy it.”

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Season two of the Channel 5 series is currently airing every Thursday night.

It is unclear whether TV bosses will make another season, although earlier this week Nicholas spoke with Jeremy Vine about the future of the programme.

When asked by the host whether there will be season three, the actor simply replied: “Who knows,

“We’re certainly having a great time making it, cast and crew across the board.




“There’s a lot returning for season two, which I think is a great marker,” he added.

To answer Jeremy’s question about the series potentially going to season seven, the star said: “I’d love to do more.”

The latest episode of All Creatures Great and Small saw James taking part in a cricket match where he received tips from Siegfried Farnon (Samual West) and his brother Tristan (Callum Woodhouse).

The two were still at loggerheads after Siegfried lied to him about his veterinary exam results, which he had failed.

James also began to grow jealous after spotting Helen’s ex Hugh (Matthew Lewis) chatting to her.

All Creatures Great and Small continues on Thursday on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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