Nick Knowles accused by viewers of 'ripping off Stacey Solomon' with new show Big House Clearout

NICK Knowles has been accused by viewers of 'ripping off Stacey Solomon' with his new show Big House Clearout.

The 58-year-old fronted the new Channel 5 show last night, which sees him help families declutter after their homes become overrun with stuff.

Nick headed to Buckinghamshire to meet the Everett family, who needed his help after mum Vicky became ill and took up crafting as a hobby.

Nick helped them empty their house and told them they needed to get rid of 50 per cent of the clutter and then they could have their house renovated.

The family held up their end of the deal, and then got a surprise when they saw how their home had been transformed, with Vicky getting her own crafting room.

However, a number of viewers quickly noticed how similar the format was to Stacey Solomon's BBC pilot, Sort Your Life Out, which aired earlier this year.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Why has @channel5_tv and nick knowles done a blatant rip off of Stacey Solomons show from bbc."

Another added: "@StaceySolomon hmmm I think Nick Knowles has stolen your idea on house clearance???"

A third tweeted: "This #bighousesortout is a rip off of that #staceysoloman show #sortyourlife.”

Nick has previously acknowledged the similarities between the two shows, writing in response to someone on Twitter: "Well it’s very similar subject matter as here are many shows in this field at the moment.

“But I hope you’ll see differences that will make it worth a watch.”

Stacey, 31, then replied: "I can't wait to watch it!"

Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout airs every Thursday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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