Nine Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Johnny Connor’s secret is revealed and Todd winds up Paul over Billy

SCOTT finally reveals that Johnny Connor’s dark secret next week in Coronation Street – that he left a man to die in a botched robbery years ago. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

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1. Gary and Ray team up 

Having cottoned on to Ray's evil scheme to build a property empire on the cobbles, Gary points out that Ray will have an easier task persuading the locals to sell their houses with him on side. 

Later, Ray tells Gary that the contract is his and that his first job is to get the Platts to sell up.

Later, David tells Gary he’s had an offer on the house from Ray’s property mate, Roxy, which would solve his financial issues. 

But he admits he’s anxious about uprooting Shona and the children.

Gary advises David to take the money but try and rent the house back from Roxy.

2. Gail is wary 

Later, David tells Gary he’s agreed to sell the house to Roxy on condition she lease it back to him. 

But when Gail gets wind of David’s plan to sell the house to an investor who will rent it back to them while fixing the sink hole, she’s far from convinced. 

Might Gail do some digging and discover what Gary and Ray are up to?

3. Johnny’s secret is revealed

Scott talks to Johnny about his plan to rob Ray and his mates.

When Scott learns that Jenny is trying to whisk Johnny away on a holiday, he threatens to tell her about the botched robbery they were once involved in – and that Johnny left a man to die.

Will Johnny manage to wriggle his way out of the holiday?

Or will Scott reveal all to Jenny?

4. Steve pulls out all the stops

Leanne suggests they need to get the German doctors on side as the date for the final hearing is set. 

Steve suggests flying to Germany in a bid to persuade the doctors to fight for Oliver. 

But he later returns with his tail between his legs and admits the doctors have refused to help Oliver.

Will Leanne and Steve realise the fight is over?

5. Leanne loses it in an interview

A journalist friend of Natasha’s named Suki tells Nick and Leanne she’d like to help them by telling their story to boost fundraising.

All is going smoothly as Leanne talks about Oliver, but when Suki asks about his impending death, Leanne flies into a rage.

6. Billy performs an exorcism 

Billy agrees to perform an exorcism after Mary grows convinced she’s heard the ghost of Pat Phelan in Eileen’s house.

The vicar agrees, but gets a shock when Todd – and not the ghost of Pat – descends from the attic.

When Billy recovers from the shock, he berates Todd for abandoning Summer and letter her think he was dead.

7. Dylan comes to live with Sean 

Sean is thrilled when his son Dylan comes to live with him next week.

But disaster strikes when Sean later returns home all flustered after having lost sight of Dylan.

Todd finds Dylan and comforts the youngster – much to Sean’s relief. 

8. Todd causes trouble for Billy and Paul 

Paul immediately grows unsettled by Todd’s presence despite Billy’s reassurance he’s not interested in his ex. 

But when Todd later admits he still has feelings for Billy, how will he react?

9. Natasha donates to Oliver’s fund

After Gail tells Natasha to keep her hands off Nick, she tells him she’d like to donate £20,000 to Oliver’s fund. 

Later, Natasha calls Leanne and says she’s told Nick she’d like to donate to the fund. 

But Leanne is furious with Nick for not telling her, and accuses him of having given up on Oliver. 

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