Noel Gallagher wants to hang The Sun's front page where he slates woke Prince Harry on his wall

OASIS star Noel Gallagher says The Sun’s front page where he slates woke Prince Harry is “f**king great” — and he wants to hang it on his wall.

The rocker, 54, is now desperate to get his hands on a copy so he can get it framed and put it up in his luxury home.

Noel said: “It’s a f**king great headline. I’m trying to get hold of it.

"I’ve missed it, you see, so I’m trying to get hold of a copy so I can have it framed.”

Our exclusive told how the 90s wild man described the Duke of Sussex as an “effin’ woke snowflake”, after his whinges about the Royal Family, which Noel said made him look like an “a***hole”.

He said he had sympathy for Prince William having a younger brother “shooting his f**king mouth off”, just like his own brother Liam, 48, who he has been at war with for years.

And swiping at Harry’s wife Meghan, Noel said: “This is what happens when you get involved with Americans.”

Noel told Matt Morgan’s Funny How? podcast how he was told about the Sun front page by Happy Mondays pal Shaun Ryder, 58.

He said: “Shaun Ryder texted me. He went, ‘F**king hell, on the front cover an’ all. F**king snowflake. Magic.’

“And I was like, ‘What is he on about?’

"And then someone said, ‘Oh you’re on the front page of The Sun’.”

Noel also told the podcast that girl group Little Mix are “not even in the same league as Oasis” after they won Best British Group at this year’s Brits.

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