Our Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen stunned by son’s Ravenseat discovery ‘Goodness me!’

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Our Yorkshire Farm is a Channel 5 documentary, which provides viewers with an insight into the everyday workings of farm life. Amanda Owen, her husband Clive Owen and their nine children showcase how they do that while balancing family life. Recently the children left their father stunned after an interesting discovery at the Ravenseat Farm.

Since it first premiered in 2018, the Yorkshire farming series has become widely successful and gained tons of fans across the nation.

Many of whom love the family dynamics, with the children consistently involved with the workings of the farm.

Ravenseat Farm is based in Yorkshire and although not much is known about Clive’s background it was revealed, he has lived on the land for more than 25 years.

Sitting on 2,000 acres the Upper Swaledale farm is filled with a rich history.

The farm is around an hour walk west of Keld and is also situated halfway up the Coast to Coast walk.

This walk was made famous by renowned author Alfred Wainwright, with the journey taking hikers 192 miles across England from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay.

However, this wasn’t the only piece of history to come from the Ravenseat Farm.

During an episode of the farming series, Clive sent 16-year-old Ruben and 8-year-old Sydney to one of the many outbuildings on the land.

During their exploration, his children came across some hidden treasure that caught their attention.

As well as finding some ancient sharpening stones, the boys discovered an antique chest which had been rusted shut.

After opening it, they stumbled upon a collection of items, including a newspaper dated from 1944.

There was an antiqued steam engine toy and the boys took it to their father who was left stunned and impressed by their find.

Looking at the newspaper, Clive said: “1944, goodness me, well do you know what was happening in 1944, we were at war.”

Surrounded by his intrigued children, he read the headlines: “ 6000 sent to destroy Rotterdam, 350,000 firebombs hit, Siegfried lines supply down.”

“You didn’t want to be there then,” he added, “little lad there fascinated with a steam engine back in 1944.”

With the help of their father, the boys were able to fix the steam engine from the chest and bring it back to life.

Thankfully for fans, Channel 5 released a statement at the beginning of this year which said 20 new episodes of the show were to be filmed.

With eight of the 20 episodes featured in season four, viewers can expect 12 instalments of Our Yorkshire Farm in the upcoming series.

Fans can soon look forward to season five of the farming season after its abrupt end brought heaps of confusion.

Instead of airing its final episode, the new drama Anne Boylyne took over the scheduled spot, so viewers can also expect to watch that long-awaited episode.

Our Yorkshire Farm seasons 1-4 are available to stream on My5.

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