Paddy McGuinness breaks down in tears with Top Gear tribute to ‘childhood hero’

Top Gear: Paddy gets emotional at Eddie Kidd tribute

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Top Gear has finally returned to BBC Two for its 31st season, which kicked off with a tribute episode to former stunt rider Eddie Kidd. The presenters including Paddy McGuiness were left in a puddle of tears after watching a spectacular stunt show dedicated to Eddie.

The latest episode of Top Gear premiered with everything the viewers love the most, motors, however many including the presenters were left in tears.

It started with the hosts Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness heading to the British Grand Prix for a face-off with the F1 drivers.

Then ended with an emotional tribute to Paddy’s childhood hero, former stunt rider Eddie Kidd.

Paddy shared: “They say never meet your heroes, well I did and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

The presenter took viewers back in time with a clip advertising the 1970’s Evil Knievel stunt cycle toy.

After introducing the iconic stunt performer, Paddy shared from his childhood memories: “Growing up here in Bolton, Evil Knievel wasn’t really real, he wasn’t on British TV, there was no Youtube and he lived in America.

“Which to me and my mates was a completely different world, what we needed in this country was a true blue daredevil superstar that we could call our own,” he continued.

The episode featured clips of the legendary Eddie Kidd as well as interviews with his friends and family.

After delving into his childhood and inspirations, the episode explored the moment he first got onto a motorcycle which led him to become the stunt performer he’s known as today.

His mother, Majorie Kidd shared: “He was never frightened Eddie, he never ever showed fear at all, never.”

Eddie’s childhood friend, Steven Flaherty recalled the moment Eddie dared to jump a bus longways: “Eddie did it,” then added, “from then on he became the star of the show.”

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Eddie shot into the limelight in 1979 when he stunned crowds with a trailblazing 80ft jump across a railway gap in Essex on a 400cc Yamaha.

One of his many achievements includes jumping over the Great Wall of China and even beating Evil Knievel’s son Robbie Knievel at the Stunt Bike World Championships.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 1996 after an accident where his motorbike steered out of control, which put him in a three-month coma and left him paralyzed with sustainable damage to his brain.

Paddy later travelled to the South coast of England to meet Eddie at his home and after they locked eyes, the presenter pointed and exclaimed: “The Guv’nor, the absolute Guv’nor.”

The two later shared a road trip in a convertible with a special appearance from a number of motorcyclists who drove past in a special tribute.

However, the main event was yet to come when Paddy surprised Eddie with an audience with his loved ones.

Together they watched an explosive stunt show dedicated to the performer of professional bikers leaping over trucks and fire in a series of special stunts.

In the end, Eddie was left in tears which prompted Paddy to become emotional as he said: “B****y Hell, we’re all at it.”

Top Gear season 31 airs every Sunday on BBC Two.

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