Paddy McGuinness says Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere is set to return

IT’S been 17 years since Peter Kay's comedy door-men Max and Paddy last revved up their motorhome.

But after Peter teased the pair’s comeback during his stand-up return last month, his co-star Paddy McGuinness has confirmed there are two Christmas specials ready to go — and says they will be a hit with viewers.

The new A Question Of Sport host, who played doorman Patrick “Paddy” O’Shea alongside Peter’s Maxwell “Max” Bygraves in Phoenix Nights and its Max and Paddy spin-off, says the specials the pair wrote around the release of the original series have stood the test of time.

In an exclusive chat, Paddy says: “Peter did a live show a week or so back and he’s thrown it out there. But that’s what he does.

"He makes an appearance once every three or four years, says we’re going to do some Max and Paddy, then no one sees him again. And then every interview I do it’s like, ‘When’s it back?’.

“I’m texting him like, ‘Why have you done that again?’. But if you look at what we’ve already written, you think, ‘That will go down really well’.”

Max And Paddy’s Road To Nowhere followed the exploits of the nightclub doormen’s tour around the UK in their prized campervan.

They were on the run after a club patron threatened to have them killed by a hitman in one of the final episodes of Phoenix Nights.

'I loved making Max And Paddy'

Only one six-episode series on Channel 4 was ever made but fans have campaigned for the bouncers to make a TV return.

Peter and Paddy briefly reprised their characters for a spoof fitness DVD in 2005 called Max & Paddy’s The Power Of Two.

And in 2015, they starred in Phoenix Nights Live in Manchester, which raised more that £5million for Comic Relief.

Speaking at his recent charity stand-up show at the ­Manchester Apollo, Peter said: “I loved making Max And Paddy — it was one of the best times we ever had filming and we had such a good laugh.

“We actually wrote two Christmas specials, then we never made them, so you never know.”

If they get the go-ahead, that’ll ding-dang-do for me.


GLOBETROTTER Sir Michael Palin may have purchased his last airport Toblerone.

The Monty Python star has hinted his travelling days could be over due to Covid and the new rules put in place.

Michael, who had a heart op two years ago, said in a new blog post: “Though touted on as the Great Traveller, the furthest I’ve been in the two years since my surgery is just south of Cambridge.

“It’s nothing physical. Thanks to my transformed ticker, I have never felt better or stronger. It’s that travelling anywhere further has become not only less easy, but way less appealing.

“Now there’s far more process to go through. There are rules about travelling. Forms and jabs and internal debates about masking or not masking. And as soon as the rules are relaxed, everyone makes for the exit. I found myself wanting to get away from people who were trying to get away.”

Michael has instead been writing his new book about his Great-Uncle Harry from the confines of his house. Well they say there’s no place like home.


NINE years after impressing Simon Cowell and his co-judges, a Britain’s Got Talent child prodigy will be starring in a new CBBC show.

Singer Molly Rainford, who was 11 when she got through to the 2012 live finals, beat 100 other hopefuls to the title role in comedy adventure series Nova Jones.

After doing so well in BGT, Simon and record label Sony funded a special scholarship for Molly to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

The investment has certainly paid off.

Simeone’s new doc

DIEGO SIMEONE’s La Liga triumph with Atletico Madrid last season will be showcased in a new Amazon Prime Video documentary.

Otra Forma De Entender La Vida (Another Way Of Understanding Life) will premiere this Friday in more than 200 countries around the world.

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