‘Paranoid’ Bette Midler Grills Director About Covid-19 Before Saying Yes to Quarantine Series

The ‘Hocus Pocus’ star reveals she agreed to join ‘Coastal Elites’ after making sure the director Jay Roach really knows how to keep the cast and crew members safe amid pandemic.

AceShowbizBette Midler only agreed to star in director Jay Roach‘s new quarantine series after he answered all her questions about health and safety.

The “Beaches” star teamed up with Dan Levy, Kaitlyn Dever, Issa Rae, and Sarah Paulson to tell the tale of five characters struggling with the coronavirus pandemic in “Coastal Elites“, and the veteran entertainer wanted to make sure she wouldn’t contract COVID-19 while making a film about the killer virus.

“I’m so paranoid, because I’m so old, you know?” she explains. “I feel like anything can happen to me; even if I go to the post box, I’m in trouble.”

But she felt every possible risk had been taken care of, adding, “I really felt that I was in superb hands. Every question that I had was answered and I got a free test. I got a free COVID test out of it, so it was win/win all around.”

“They (crew) followed every single protocol, and everybody was great. I mean, they kept their distance. They cleaned, they did what they had to. They came in two days before, did everything they had to do. They left it pristine.”

Filmmaker Roach insists he was very thorough, “When we were actually shooting, we dropped the equipment into the actors’ houses, or, you know, home offices, or garage, or whatever it was, a satellite building. And they were alone during the actual filming, there was a tiny crew just outside tethered to cables, doing focus and adjusting the sound. And I was in the room essentially on a Zoom camera.”

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