Peter Andre's wife Emily is the 'mediator' between him and his older children as he admits she 'talks sense into him'

PETER Andre's wife Emily has revealed that she is the "mediator" between him and his two older children with ex-wife Katie Price.

The 47-year-old star admitted that 31-year-old Emily "talks sense" into him when it comes to raising 15-year-old Junior and 13-year-old Princess.

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The happy couple appeared on a Loose Women special earlier today alongside hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford – marking Emily's first time on the programme.

The group's discussion turned to raising children and rules on dating, and Peter confessed he had a stricter mindset on the topic before Emily had words.

He explained: "I feel, in a way, bad I was like that about my daughter, but as time has gone on and you've [Emily] talked sense into me."

Turning to the hosts, he explained: "She said: 'Listen to them, because they're going to go and do it anyway but they won't have your support so they'd be more likely to make more mistakes'."

Emily agreed: "I think I am the mediator actually, a little bit, he's very good. He's an excellent dad, and you level with them really well."

Peter and Emily have two children of their own together, six-year-old Amelia and three-year-old Theo.

Peter opened up about Emily's relationship with her step-children in their reality series Life With The Andres, exclusive to The Sun's YouTube Channel, earlier this year.

The singer heaped praise on his wife for having "uncomfortable" chats with his teen daughter that he wouldn't want to have himself.

Peter admitted that it can be a struggle to divide his time equally between all of his children, explaining: "When you've got four children of all different ages, it's really important that you split time between everybody.

"You've got to make sure that each child gets the attention that they need and the conversations that they need because they're always at different stages of their lives."

Peter continued: "I'm trying my best, and Emily of course does the same.

"She's incredible and she has great conversations with Princess that maybe I wouldn't necessarily feel that comfortable having – although I'm trying to get better at it.

"Same with Junior, he asks medical things that I wouldn't know the answer to, it's great I have that helping hand in Dr. Emily."

Life With The Andres launched earlier this year and proved so successful it doubled in length while on air.

Series two premiered earlier this month, taking viewers inside the hustle and bustle of the Andre household, warts and all.

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