Phillip Schofield left flustered as guest walks off This Morning

This Morning guest walks off set

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Dr Nadia joined the ITV presenters to discuss ways in which viewers could get moving this winter to help with their joints. However, after coming to the end of the segment and being teased by Phillip Schofield throughout, Nadia walked off from the set and left the duo struggling to keep their composure.

Dr Nadia had explained that during the winter months joints feel stiff and achy, with the muscles feeling tight due to less movement.

She explained that pottering around the house and doing simple chores was an easy way of getting the body moving.

“My parents play badminton in the living room. I walked in and asked what they were doing, but they love to play badminton,” she explained.

Shocked at the revelation, Phillip exclaimed: “Badminton!! How big is their living room?” leaving Dr Nadia to explain “not very big” with the shuttlecock often getting caught on the “chandelier”.

This sent Phillip into a fit of hysterics before Dr Nadia confirmed it was a “small chandelier” and moved on to the at-home exercises.

She explained: “Staying active during the winter can be hard, as a majority of the time the outside seems very unappealing.

“However, there is lots you can do inside to keep moving. Take up an indoor active hobby like skipping, go swimming, do a YouTube yoga class, or even just start stretching in the shower.

“These will all help keep your joints mobile, as well as boost your mood,” she added.

As she finished demonstrating simple ways for people to move their joints, Holly reiterated: “Get moving, even though it is cold! Alright, well, thank you very much.”

Phillip teased: “Thank you, lovely to see you! Drive carefully when you get home, make sure when you go round to see your parents you don’t run over any deer in the driveway.”

Blushing, Dr Nadia probed: “Stop it, stop it!” before hitting his knee and walking off the set: “They are going to kill me.”

Laughing at her exit, Phillip chimed: “She’s off, see you later,” before Holly added: “Oh bye.”

Turning back around with the camera on her, Dr Nadia realised that they were still rolling and mouthed: “Was it live?”

Viewers of the show noticed the awkward blunder and took to their Twitter accounts to laugh at the moment.

Paul Hulse asked: “Did she just walk off set?? #ThisMorning.”

@Colabubble replied: “She was funny. I think she thought they were off air 5 mins before they actually were!”

@Hotsunnydaze teased: “Didn’t want to waste energy sitting down just to stand up again. That could be called a ‘squat’.”

Chris Lomas expressed: “She couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Clearly had enough of Phillip’s dry jokes.”

Anne Cariad also weighed in: “She wasted no time getting out of that studio. Done her bit and was teased by Phil throughout the whole thing. Don’t blame her, to be honest.” (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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