Piers Morgan blasted by viewers as he rages over Meghan and Harry

Piers Morgan clashes with BLM activist over Meghan Markle

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The first three instalments of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix reality show were released on Thursday, giving viewers an insight into how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met. During the first episode, Prince Harry explained he first saw Meghan on Instagram and was later introduced by a friend.

However, during Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored, the former Good Morning Britain host blasted the royal’s docu-series.

He also spoke with Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr, who gave a health update on their father, Thomas Markle.

Although, just minutes into the programme viewers took to social media to air their frustrations.

Many slammed Piers for his “biased” views of Meghan and Harry.

User @Shimshack1 fumed: “For someone who preaches tolerance is so utterly intolerant and disrespectful to the British culture and people.”

Kerry Small tweeted: “For someone who can’t can’t her, you sure have a lot of time to be watching shows with her in, commenting and basically letting it consume your world Obsessed much!?!” (sic)

While user @Jxc1983 added: “If it’s dull why are you doing a monologue about it?!? Surely, you would ignore it because it’s dull.”

“Why on earth would anyone trust your biased review … who the hell are you to judge anyone with your track record?” Dave Graham fumed.

More to follow…

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