Rachel Hollis Urges Women to 'Get Out of Your Comfort Zone' as Quibi Show Teases New Episodes

The Rachel Hollis Show is back with new episodes designed to help women find more joy and purpose in their lives.

In PEOPLE's exclusive trailer for the Quibi show's return, best-selling author, blogger and podcaster Rachel Hollis promises to push her viewers to become their best selves with a daily dose of motivation and lifestyle inspiration.

"This is the place to start your day off right," she says. "Every week I choose a different topic, and every single day is a different lesson about that topic."

She's not just going to "talk about it," she says — she's going to "challenge you to actually do it."

"Do what you can, with what you've got, wherever you are," she urges. "Get out of your comfort zone! You don't want a life that's safe. You want a life that's beautiful."

"If we can give our daughters autonomy over themselves instead of trying to instill it, that's how we raise strong, confident women," she adds. "Let's level up your life."

On the show, which premiered with Quibi's launch on April 6, the motivational speaker blends lifestyle segments with celebrity interviews and empowering encouragement. Each week, Hollis, 37, explores a different element of personal growth, with topics ranging from creativity to confidence to mentorship.

With the world grappling with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she hopes to provide some much-needed structure.

"I think we are all looking for tactical advice right now — anything we can grasp onto that helps us reach for a better life," Hollis tells PEOPLE. "Small decisions add up to BIG change, and habits help us feel more in control of our day and our life. So I hope that when I teach the how-to and the importance of an intentional morning routine, that it resonates with the audience. We are all in the middle of this crazy season, but at least we are in it together."

Quibi, short for "quick bites," is focused on quality content for millennials, telling stories in chapters of 10 minutes or less. Hollis says the streaming service has been the perfect platform for her show.

"Quibi has been a great partner in creating such high-quality super snackable content," she says. "It's a format that is both informational and fun! And I think the fact that this show has both makes it unique to anything else I've ever done."

She's even picked up new skills along the way.

"I truly never thought I would learn how to make moonshine!" she says.

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