Ratched season 2: Will Nurse Ratched kill Edmund Tolleson in season 2?

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Ratched

Ratched season two is looking like a possibility for Netflix as fans were left on the edge of their seats after the eerie first season landed. The series follows the titular character Nurse Mildred Ratched (played by Sarah Paulson), who is in pursuit of a notorious serial murderer, Edmund Tolleson (Finn Wittrock). Fans were left wondering whether Nurse Ratched will end up killing Edmund in season two.

Will Nurse Ratched kill Edmund Tolleson in season 2?

The first season of Ryan Murphy’s Ratched landed on Netflix on September 18 and the series is considered to be a ‘prequel’ to the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The series sees Nurse Ratched land a job at the Lucia State psychiatric hospital, where she quickly makes herself known to doctor Richard Hanover (Jon Jon Briones) as the perfect candidate for head nurse.

Little did Dr Hanover know Ratched, with her narcissistic traits, was using him to get closer to her ‘brother’, serial killer Edmund Tolleson.

Ratched had devised a plan to help Edmund escape from the hospital and they would run away together, but things went pear-shaped when Edmund fell in love with nurse Dolly (Alice Englert).

Dolly and Edmund had come up with their own plan to run away from the hospital during a ‘Spring Fling’ organised by Ratched, who had just been appointed as head nurse as a result of her manipulation.

Dolly and Edmund went on a rampage before they were hunted down by police, and Dolly was killed by officers after she opened fire on them.

Edmund was dragged back to the hospital and he was days away from being put to death, before a former patient decided to return.

Charlotte Wells (Sophie Okonedo) had multiple personality disorder and she had murdered Dr Hanover during one of her episodes at a motel.

She returned to the hospital having adopted his persona, and she demanded staff lead her to Edmund so she could experiment on him.

Edmund and Charlotte ended up driving away together, and time moved forward to 1950s Mexico, where Ratched was then living with her girlfriend Gwendolyn Briggs (Cynthia Nixon).

Ratched was still traumatised by the thought of her brother returning to kill her, as he found out she had planned to end his life via lethal injection.

She would have dreams about him tracking her down, and she did eventually receive a phone call from her so-called brother who had managed to locate her.

But Ratched stayed calm on the phone, warning Edmund he should be worried, as she would be coming after him instead.

Fans then saw Edmund driving away into the distance with Charlotte, and fans are curious to know whether he is on his way to Mexico to hunt down Nurse Ratched.

The ending does hint at a potential second season as fans will be waiting to find out who makes the first move – Ratched or Edmund.

Although Edmund is a notorious killer, Ratched has proven she is also capable of ending people’s lives without remorse.

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There is a chance she, Gwendolyn and their friend Betsy Bucket (Judy Davis) will anticipate Edmund’s next move and they will be able to take him down together.

However, as Edmund has Charlotte and the quirky motel owner Louise (Amanda Plummer) on his side, they have the upper hand with their rashness.

Ian Brennan, who helped write the series, explained how Edmund was motivated to kill as a result of his tragic past, growing up in foster care.

He said: “I think that part of what helped separate Edmund was that the story moves in the background, so we continue to have an understanding of what motivated him.

“There’s still a lot of onus on a performance to make you root for him in some way though, and I think that’s really a credit to Finn because that’s not the easiest thing to pull off.”

With this in mind, as Edmund is not likely to rest until he feels he has received justice for what he faced as a child, he may well kill Ratched without hesitation.

Fans who have seen the first season will understand how Ratched’s tough and perfectly poised exterior is not reflective of who she really is.

She is a danger to herself due to her vulnerability, and she has previously let her brother manipulate her on an emotional level.

Brennan said: “This is very much a construct that she’s put together. Sarah was really game for that, and she wanted to allow the audience to see Mildred in private, vulnerable moments and in doing so, she suddenly became an entirely different woman.

“Once that element was in, the character felt very full and realized and it just added an additional level of pathos which, in practical terms,

meant that the character could get away with much more.”

She could either play on her vulnerability in order to deceive Edmund, or it could get the better of her and she could put herself at risk as a result if she decides to play up to his game.

Ratched season 1 is on Netflix now

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