RHOA's lingerie-clad Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore demand crew turn off cameras to 'have some fun' with male stripper

REAL Housewives of Atlanta's lingerie-clad Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore demanded the crew turned off the cameras to "have some fun" with male stripper during Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party.

Before season 13 premiered, various sources revealed that two of the housewives hooked up with the stripper – though their identity has yet to be revealed.

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In a preview clip for the upcoming episode of RHOA, fans will get to see some of the housewives demand that the cameras are turned off and production left so they could be entertained by a stripper, who was wearing Chanel from head to toe.

In the clip, which was also shared by fan account Atlanta Housewives, Porsha Williams could be heard talking to the stripper, Bolo, saying: "So the ladies want to know if you can come back."

To which the exotic dancer asks her to do what and she responds: "I don't know, just party."

He, however, was more worried about the cameras as he asked her if they were still filming as she told him no.

He promised her he would be "right out."

At this time, Kenya, Cynthia Bailey, LaToya Ali, Marlo Hampton, Tanya Sam, Kandi, and Drew Sidora are still talking amongst themselves in revealing lingerie.

Porsha then tells "mistress" Kandi that Bolo would be right out.

Kenya is then heard shouting "bring him out," while Kandi addresses the cameras and says: "Hopefully we can get you guys to leave for a little while so we can have some fun."

At this time, a producer can be heard saying: "We can wrap!"

LaToya also agreed that the cameras needed to go as she told Kandi that they "couldn't have f**king fun with all these f**king cameras everywhere."

Kandi, who is known for her sexual side, tells her that she doesn't "give a f***" about the cameras.

Producers then proceed to de-mic the ladies, before telling them to "have fun."

Porsha and Tanya walk producers out of their vacation home at the end of the clip.

Kandi had been the one to plan Cynthia's bachelorette party, while Kenya had been the one to plan their current South Carolina vacation where the party took place.

Back in October, a source revealed that multiple ladies began “hooking up with each other” in the living room of their rented Charleston house. 

“There were multiple people that had girl-on-girl. They were so drunk,” a witness from the bash told the outlet. 

The insider added that that the alleged steamy hookups went “beyond making out” and included oral sex. 

After the scandalous evening, the source claimed some of the girls went to sleep around 5 a.m. as production was wrapping up. 

However, two women allegedly took a male stripper that was hired for the night into a private bedroom. 

The informant – who claimed to be present at the party – said they overheard the hookup that allegedly went on for over an hour.

“[I was] hearing all these noises, sex talk and ‘F me harder.’ She said when she thought they were finished, they started back up again.” the insider added.

Though the individuals involved were not named, the bride-to-be was not one of them, according to the publication. 

Names could later be revealed as Bravo reportedly captured the steamy scenes on camera and is said to be debating how to handle the footage. 

Various of the housewives denied it was them, including Kenya and Kandi.

LaToya, Marlo, and Falynn Guobadia, who was also present, have also denied their involvement.

In a preview clip of the aftermath, Tanya tells Porsha that “someone is making disparaging comments about me and you involving a stripper.”

"Wow, I'm over this," a frustrated Porsha said back.

Following the claims, Tanya quit RHOA and even refused to film any confessional interviews.

After the rumors surfaced, Bolo also took to social media to deny anything had happened.

Michael Bolwaire, whose stage name is B.O.L.O The Entertainer, said in a video on his Instagram: "To whom this may concern. I am not just a stripper. I’m the stripper.

"I built an entire brand off of professionalism. It doesn’t just stop here. I got fans, followers, and supporters who can attest to that.

"The rumors and allegations going on right now are straight bulls**t.

"Although I’m flattered to be included in the same conversation as those beautiful women, nothing happened. Again, nothing happened."

However, Kenya stands by the fact that something did happen between Bolo and Porsha.

An insider told The Sun: "Kenya told Wendy Williams that Porsha and Tanya aren't friends any more, but she wouldn't know!

"They are still friends, it's just Tanya hasn't filmed since everything happened because she was totally horrified by the bachelorette party storyline that Kenya keeps talking about.

"That would be better for Kenya than leaving the focus on her own storyline, which is very much about her split from Marc Daly."

The source also teased what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes of the Bravo show, noting: "Kenya really tries to take Porsha down this season.

"She works hard to try to make her look bad."

But a source close to Kenya told The Sun that claims she "made up" the stripper scandal are "baseless," and insisted "Kenya has no issue with Porsha."

The source also said Kenya has "always been open with her relationship with her husband, so no deflection would be needed."

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