Rhona furiously lashes out in Emmerdale as April dares to wear eye shadow

Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Marlon (Mark Charnock) worry that daughter April (Amelia Flanagan) is reaching a ‘difficult age’ in Emmerdale in episodes to be aired soon, as her behaviour gives them cause for concern.

April has been a bit down-in-the-dumps recently after her crush on Arthur (Alfie Clarke) went nowhere – perhaps largely due to the fact that Arthur has just revealed that he’s gay and he’s struggling to come to terms with things himself.

Naomi (Karene Peter) gives April a bit of a pep talk and this cheers her up and gives her a new spring in her step. But it also comes with a side helping of attitude, and Marlon and Rhona are worried about her behaviour.

When Rhona catches April wearing makeup, which she feels is inappropriate for her, she decides that Naomi is being a bad influence on her. Although Marlon gets on well with Naomi and has offered her a job as his assistant at the Woolpack, it’s not long ago that she was on trial for being part of the gang that beat up Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), so there are some grounds for Rhona being a bit worried.

It’s not long before Rhona confronts Naomi about being a bad influence on April and it soon escalates into an argument. We’ve seen in the past that Naomi can more than hold her corner when it comes to sticking up for herself, and Rhona isn’t the type to back down from defending her family, either.

Presumably this leaves poor Marlon in the middle of a war between his wife and his assistant, while none of this will go down well with April who is not going to be impressed at Rhona wading in against her new friend.

And then everything gets worse when Nicola gets involved. She’s obviously no fan of Naomi’s – and she makes sure she tells Rhona exactly what she thinks.

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