Rick and Morty season 5 release date: When does Rick and Morty season 5 start?

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Rick and Morty released the final episode of season four on Sunday, May 31, on Adult Swim and then a few days later on Channel 4’s E4 in the UK. While fans were excited for the finale to be aired, this means there are no new episodes being shown every week. So the next question on everyone’s minds is when will season five start?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Rick and Morty season 4.

Rick and Morty always leaves fans asking plenty of questions after most of its episodes.

One which has been puzzling viewers since season three has been over whether or not Beth is a clone.

In season three’s The ABC’s of Beth, Rick gave his daughter the option to clone herself so she could go off and have adventures in space while the clone took care of the family back home.

Her decision was left unknown until the season four finale where things were made a bit clearer about what happened.


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Beth does, in fact, have a clone so there is now a Space Beth who leads a rebellious gang somewhere in the multiverse.

However, Rick told both of the Beths she was the real one and this is because he wasn’t sure which of them was his real daughter.

He made himself forget what happened but when he retrieved the memory to find out the truth for himself, he was shocked.

Rick had swapped the identities of Beth and her clone so he would never find out who his real daughter was.

The finale ended with Rick coming to the realisation that he is actually a bad father.

When does Rick and Morty season 5 start?

Fans had to wait two years between seasons three and four so many are now eager to find out if the gap will be just as long for season five.

So far, a release date for series five of Rick and Morty has not been revealed.

Express.co.uk will update this article when there is more information on the release date.

Despite there not being a set date just yet, the creators of the show have stated the wait will not be as long as last time.

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In 2018, Rick and Morty was given the green light to create 70 more episodes by Adult Swim.

After the end of season four, this means there are still another 60 new episodes of Rick and Morty to come.

This is good news as this means there will at least be 10 series in total of the sci-fi comedy if the creators stick to the 10-episode per season format that they have done so far.

Co-creator Justin Roiland has also spoken out about how the large renewal means the upcoming season will be quicker to be released.


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Speaking to Polygon, Roiland said: “We want the episodes to stay good, but we do also want to try to turn them around a little quicker now that we have this big order, I think it gives us the ability to be faster.

“We’re not going to do these long breaks, these chasms in-between seasons anymore.

“We’re going to schedule vacation time and just keep the machine going.

“It’s going to be really cool.”

Rick and Morty is available to watch on Adult Swim.

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