Riverdale’s KJ Apa ‘splits his head open’ on set just days after a ‘metal shard’ got stuck in his eye

RIVERDALE star KJ Apa “split [his] head open” while filming his new movie Songbird less than two weeks after getting a “metal shard” stuck in his eye.

The New Zealand actor, 23, had to get multiple staples to close up the bloody wound.

KJ first alluded to his on-set injury on Wednesday when he posted a couple of photos along with the caption, “Stunts..”

The first showed a masked woman tending to the smiling and shirtless actor’s head, though no injury could be seen in the shot.

The second saw KJ holding up his shirt on a hanger, with blood stains all along the collar.

He later gave more details about the pictures by uploading another snapshot, this one a close-up of the head injury.

The CW star’s bloody scalp was front and center, and the dried red substance could be seen lining the back of his neck and his upper back, as well.

After seeing all the worried comments from fans, he gave an update on Thursday to show that his scalp had been cleaned up and treated.

KJ explained in the video: “I split my head open yesterday…I don’t know if you guys can see that, but I have two stitches in there, metal stitches.”

The 23-year-old, who has most recently been linked to model Clara Berry, is currently filming a new Michael Bay-produced pandemic thriller, Songbird, which also stars Sofia Carson, Demi Moore and Jenna Ortega.

A couple of weeks ago, the Riverdale actor had another accident, though he recovered quickly and it was off set.

He shared a video of himself tearing up after a “shard of metal got stuck in” his eye and left a possible “hole.”

Friends helped him retrieve the fragment, and he recorded the whole “horrible” experience.

The two-minute clip jumped right into KJ’s friend and celebrity groomer Jason Schneidman trying to get the metal piece out of the actor’s eye, though it’s unclear how it ended up there to start with.

Despite freaking out a bit about having to get the “shard” out of his eye, the actor said he’d try again because he had to film Songbird the following day.

He ended up twirling a cotton swab in his eye and was able to extract the foreign object.

After looking at his eye in the mirror, KJ realized the accident might’ve left a “puncture” in his eye and started to break down in tears.

His friend and Riverdale co-star Charles Melton made some funny faces to try to make him feel better and even tried jokingly planting a kiss on KJ’s cheek to make him laugh.

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