Ruby Rose Living on Blow-Up Mattress Before Landing ‘Orange Is the New Black’

As the Netflix prison drama kicks off its final season, the actress known for her portrayal of Stella Carlin expresses her gratitude to show bosses for taking a chance on her.

AceShowbizRuby Rose was penniless and sleeping on an inflatable mattress before she landed her breakthrough role in “Orange Is the New Black“.

In a fast five years, the 33-year-old Australian actress has become an in-demand DJ, starred alongside Jason Statham in “The Meg” and landed the lead in the much-anticipated “Batwoman” TV series, but back then she was close to giving up her Hollywood dream.

“After two years of trying to get a manager or an agent I had spent every last cent I’d made in over a decade of showbiz,” Ruby tells the Daily Mail.

“I was living on a blow-up mattress from (retail store) Target and I had only six months left on my visa to prove I could contribute to the industry abroad.”

Then she was asked to audition for the role of Stella Carlin in the Netflix prison drama and landed the part for the 2015 and 2016 seasons of the show.

As the final season of the series begins, Ruby has thanks show bosses for giving her her big break: “I’m here in Vancouver shooting a show (“Batwoman”) I probably wouldn’t even be shooting if it wasn’t for the belief and risk taken by them. It opened up a door for me that I could have never imagined and I will forever be in gratitude to those who took a chance on me.”

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