Ryan Thomas admits he’s drinking TWO bottles of red wine a night and the hangovers are ‘a constant battle’

RYAN Thomas has admitted he's drinking TWO bottles of red wine a night and his hangovers are "a constant battle".

The former Corrie star, 36, spoke out about his boozy habit in the latest episode of the Mancs On The Mic podcast.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner and his two younger twin brothers Adam and Scott, both 32, got talking about their health and wellbeing for this week's show.

The topic of drinking got brought up by a listener and Ryan admitted that he gets into vicious cycle of drinking and being hungover.

He told his siblings: "I’m literally just finding any excuse to have a drink.

"It’s like, everything’s all or nothing, so it’s not even like I have a couple of drinks.

"I’ll have two bottles of red wine and I’m like, 'Why?' I’ve got to get up tomorrow and I’ve got a routine with Roman and with Lucy and I’ve got commitments and I've got jobs coming up that I need to be focused for.'"

Although the soap star has started to realise that he can't just bounce back from a heavy night out like he could do he was in his late teens/early 20s.

He added: "It’s just a constant battle man, and I hate it, I hate myself for it."

Their chat got Adam thinking about his relationship with booze.

The former Emmerdale actor said: “It’s not even every weekend – it’s any excuse to have a drink. I remember growing up and we all saw our mum – she’d literally have a bottle of wine every night.

"And I’d just think, 'How are you sat on the couch on your own having a bottle of wine, having a glass of wine, in front of the telly?'

"And I turned into that person.”

At the beginning of 2020 Love Island star Scott decided to go sober to "break the cycle" because he deserved more and wanted better.

The boys' mum Gail Waring also stopped drinking.

And their amazing efforts have inspired Adam to think a bit more about how much he drinks.

Looking at how well his brother and mum are doing since they altered their lifestyle choices, Adam confessed: “I’ve got to do something about this before it’s too late".

Despite the awful hangovers, Ryan said that he doesn't think he'll ever stop drinking because he enjoys the social aspect of it, but he doesn't want it to "take over his life".

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